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40% Of Americans Unemployable Due To Religion

The Culture War Expands | The Weekly Standard:

It has come to my attention "Post Trump" that apparently many BOistanis have lost the understanding of Freedom of Association as well as tolerance, both of which were critical in the mother nation that was called "America" (1776-2012).

While Associational Freedom is so obvious to most at most times that it is like "air", the US history of slavery and Democrat run Jim Crow in the south led to a dangerous precedent with "Brown vs Board of Education". For whites relating to blacks , Freedom of Association was suspended. It was NOT suspended in the reverse direction -- all black schools, all black organizations, etc were still and still are completely legal. The intent was to use this rather extreme measure to break an egregious case of racial apartheid that allowed institutionalized and political oppression in the old Democrat controlled US South.

Rather than clearly understand the specific abridgment of a deep and natural human freedom as a radical measure taken for a highly specific purpose, the same party that managed Jim Crow has seen fit to attempt to generalize the use of force to apply to other groups to gain further political power via Identity Politics. Women were rather quickly added, then minority religions, gays and now "transgenders".

Sadly, while the coercive totalitarian approach is gaining ground in forcing compliance on one side, the opposite is also taking place as "liberals" disassociate themselves with family, friends and businesses because they  "may have/did vote for Trump". Tolerance and Associational Freedom go together in a "classical liberal" Democracy/Republic ... they are part of "why things worked". In a totalitarian state, "tolerance" is replaced by government enforced compliance.

In the linked column we have the case of a young married couple who are practicing Christians. They have a hit show about fixing up homes (not all that sexual). Their church does not support gay "marriage" -- so it is time for them to be boycotted, taken off the air, etc.. If supporting gay "marriage" is a requirement to be employed, then 40% of americans (including me) are ineligible for employment today, or we need to stay quietly "in the closet" and hope nobody "outs us".

Think about that for a moment. Is the suggestion here that 40 percent of Americans are unemployable because of their religious convictions on marriage? That the companies that employ them deserve to be boycotted until they yield to the other side of the debate— a side, we should note, that is only slightly larger than the one being shouted down?
 We were once a Christian nation -- we had shared values that aligned well with our Constitution. Yes, in the South, Christian values were corrupted and used to further a cultural and political system of oppression. Just because an extreme measure was used to break a specific problem should not make that extreme measure now the norm. Unfortunately, the oppressor political party in the old Jim Crow case still has a political vision that requires oppression and lack of tolerance in order to flourish. The Unconstrained Vision of the world.

The idea of our framers was to LIMIT government so that it would never be big or intrusive enough so we even had to waste time on these discussions. The assumption was that free and reasonably well educated people would interact and work our such issues ON THEIR OWN in accordance with their generally Christian beliefs.

The question of a nation founded on ideas rather than territory, ethnicity, language, religion, etc surviving was one of the things (beside the concept of limited government) that made America exceptional. BOistan has an exceptional heritage it chooses to largely ignore, but it is on completely new ground relative to sustaining itself in a way that Europe does not. Eastern Europe shows us that nations founded on territory, religion, language, etc "survive" in a sense even when they are under totalitarian rule (USSR) for nearly a century. France is very likely to still be called "France" and have the same borders even if it becomes an Islamic state. Probably no wine though.

Americans knew who they were and what ideals they held to be sacred. BOistanis don't think much of all that -- they were certain that they were going to continue to hold political power and thus stamp out any remnant of America once and for all. Trump is at least a bump in their road.

The way back from BOistan is long and arduous at this point -- philosophy and religion, at least the language of both, have to return to be foundational for EVERY person that considers themselves "educated". REAL tolerance -- as in understanding the importance of tolerating, COMMUNICATING WITH,  and even respecting the rights of people who think differently than you is critical. The sad thing is that without divinely inspired, or VERY well thought out transcendent principles, such tolerance is impossible.

We are deeply broken -- we have been losing our way for over 100 years. We took huge losses in the 30's and 60's, and then the combination of decades of losses, mass media and BO pulled the last straw and we absolutely fell into the post-constitutional, post-truth failed state of BOistan. The greatest loss for humans is always meaning. Death is small next to that. As Nietzsche said, "He who has a why can endure any how".  Thus, the primary goal of the collectivist forces is always to destroy the why -- the meaning, and replace it with assimilation to the collective.

I could just keep writing, but will stop here  -- one book if you want to dig deeper ...  "Ideas Have Consequences".

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