Thursday, December 01, 2016

BOcare, Throwing The Patient (and Doctor) Out

The headline should win some sort of award for being misleading. Sort of like "Great Funeral Only Leaves out One Thing" ... and then finding out it was "the corpse".
Noseworthy argues that the Affordable Care Act that expanded access to health insurance to millions of Americans did so without nearly enough input from the patient — or the doctor.
Actually, leaving out the doctor and the patient at one time would have been considered a  bad thing ... but hey, it was done by BO, so it HAD to be good! The WaPo and the head of Mayo didn't want to be called "racists" for opposing his stenchfulness prior to the election.

One of the biggest weaknesses of the Affordable Care Act, in Noseworthy's view, is that it expanded access to health insurance — in part by creating barriers to health care. Health plans have successfully controlled costs by restricting which doctors and hospitals patients can use and by shifting the upfront costs of care to patients through high deductibles.
Many of us Deploreables have harped on this for nearly 8 years -- our actual healthcare costs SKYROCKETED under BOcare, and our ability to go to the doctors needed to treat conditions was blocked. If the WaPo and the head of Mayo are able to speak freely now, perhaps the spell of BO really is broken.

Noseworthy is now willing to say that BOcare essentially needs to be scrapped -- and the WaPo is willing to print it!

The fact that access, which is pretty important to patients, is now being jeopardized and patients are feeling it — that has to be fixed. That’s really where the voice of the patient matters. The other, of course, is the unsustainability of the rise of the premiums for the middle class. 
Most Americans are paying more for health care, and they’re kind of figuring it out now. They’ve had the Affordable Care Act for a while, but they didn’t realize what high deductible health plans really were until they got sick. And they said, “Wait a minute — I have to pay the first $1,000, $5,000, $10,000? I don't really have insurance unless I have a catastrophic illness.”
He is also willing to admit what doctors and nurses have been saying is their biggest effect from BOcare -- PAPERWORK!

The Affordable Care Act and the changes that have come along with that have created a very stiff regulatory environment. It’s been very, very hard for health care professionals. And if you’ve been a patient or studied health care, you know that in today’s world, the patient is no longer at the center of the room. The physicians and nurses are spending a lot of time documenting the situation, rather than asking about and listening to. And that removes a lot of professionalism and joy of the work. 
For every hour a doctor spends with a patient, the doctor spends two hours documenting the one hour encounter. So the balance is off, and that’s created a huge threat to the profession.
This has all been known since before BOcare was "approved" by 51votes using "reconciliation" -- surprise surprise, it was a scam from the start and now that BO is about to leave office (oh happy day!) people can  admit that in public without being labeled "racist" -- Trump has already had a hugely positive impact on freedom of speech!

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