Saturday, December 10, 2016

God Speed, John Glenn

John Glenn, American Hero of the Space Age, Dies at 95 - The New York Times:

February 20th, 1962 -- America took a major step to try to catch the USSR, "Russia" if you will. Today, we no longer even imagine competing with them -- both Russia and China have active space programs and BOistan has no ability to even  put a man in orbit. "Progressives" (regressives) have regressed our space capability back to prior May 5th 1961 when Alan Shepard became the first of American in space. We can no longer put a man in space,  John Glenn was the last of the Mercury 7 Astronauts, men who exemplified "The Right Stuff".

Scott Carpenter famously uttered "God Speed John Glenn" and it was not a controversial statement. America was unabashedly a Christian Nation then -- there was no need to even discuss it.

Glenn himself, a Democrat, still believed in God's Creation in at the age of 77 in 1998 when he rode the shuttle and said

“To look out at this kind of creation out here and not believe in God is to me impossible
Even Democrats believed in God and America back then. There is a link to some of the TV coverage of the launch embedded in that previous link.

During the time of BO, the biggest "milestones" reached were in the area of our sexual organs -- as in gay "marriage" and doubting the validity of gender. Climate change is "settled science", but the fact that every cell in our bodies save our blood cells has gender --  two X chromosomes for women and an XY for men, is no longer understood.

Man has free will. He can ponder infinite and the divine, or he can contemplate his navel and his sex organs. When John Glen launched, we reached for the stars -- going where "no man has gone before". Today, the frontier for mankind, at least in regressing BOistan,  is men in women's bathrooms.

We have regressed a long way from February of '62. Can Trump at least change the shape of the decline a little?

It remains to be seen, but John Glenn has now "slipped the surly bonds and touched the face of God".

If you stayed up WAY too late in even the '70s, they shut down the TV stations, and at least here in the midwest,  this is what they played.

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