Sunday, December 25, 2016

High Kicks, Anthems and Cake

So some of the Rockettes want to boycott performing at the Trump inauguration.

And Pearl is exactly right; the shameful decision was made for the woman, not with their input. Their union — the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA) — firmly ruled out the possibility of a boycott by any of the performers either, handcuffing at least the dozen full-time dancers to the presidential obligation.
Got that? See, if it was a gay "marriage" celebration of some sort and some of the Rockettes wanted to boycott for say, religious reasons, it is THEIR action that would be "shameful", and they ought to be fired, ostracized, and maybe fined  or imprisoned. Religious freedom is not something BOistan honors.

Say one of the Rockettes wanted to sit down during the National Anthem? THAT would be "protected speech" -- within her "First Amendment rights", and the same can be said here. She wants to make a political statement against Trump, so they want her protected.

How about if someone had said that they did not want to perform for BO because he had said in his book that he wanted to destroy the colonial powers which included the US and Britain? I think we know the answer to that -- obvious racism! Nobody would opppose the great BO for any other reason!

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