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HuffPO, Overturning Elections

Hamilton v. Trump: The Case That Could Save America | The Huffington Post:

My my there was a lot of hand wringing when the Dems were sure they were going to win and Trump suggested that he would accept the result if Hillary had a "clear victory".

Where is the outrage? When the enormity of Watergate and its direct threat to the American system of government became clear, many Republicans joined with Democrats in denouncing Mr. Nixon and “All the President’s Men.” Yet now, as we face an even graver threat to our institutions—must we term it “Putingate”?—even most Democrats, let alone Republicans, seem to lack the courage and patriotism to stand up to the forces that threaten to invalidate the will of the voters, violate the clear intent of the Founding Fathers, and undermine the Republic they established.
Wow, the left showing situational respect for the founders, guys they have dismissed as dead white racists for years! They must REALLY care about BOistan! They feel it is "threatened"!

That paragraph shows us why Hillary needs to be put behind bars and then hopefully pardoned.

 Watergate was a 3rd rate burglary that Nixon covered up. Nobody died, and no national secrets were compromised -- it was all about the cover up and the fact that Nixon swore on the tapes. That, believe it or not, was "not presidential" back then.

We let Slick Willy stain the office both physically and symbolically. The lying was worse, the cover up was worse and illegal acts were committed by the president himself in the oval office.  Sexual harassment is a crime, and there is NO SUCH THING as "consensual sex" between a superior and subordinate at the office. In fact, although I guess it must be surprising to many BOistanis, sex with anyone at the office tends to be a firing offence. The Democrats yawned.

Hillary has been a noxious skid mark since the day she showed up in DC. She presided over the disaster of Libya from breaking it, to losing our Ambassador and three Navy Seals, to lying about it being "caused by an internet movie", to uttering "What difference, at this point, does it make?". The Clinton Fund -- cash, for Clintons, shows what the public version of organized crime looks like. Her abuse of national secrets requires punishment -- lest the idea that "some are above the law" be enshrined to an even greater degree than it is today.

When Republicans were willing to remove Nixon from office, they believed in principle over politics and assumed that Democrats had the same high ideals. The 50 years since Watergate have shown that they held their opposition in much too high esteem. To date, Democrats have been unwilling to ever place principle and respect for the Constitution, the nation, or even common decency over pure politics. I can only assume that they thought this because they never envisioned a time when all branches of government and the vast majority of state governments were in the hands of the other party.

They clearly lacked imagination.

We need to "book end" Watergate, or Democrats will keep bringing it up FOREVER! Prosecute Hillary, whose crimes make Nixon's pale in comparison, let her eat off a tin tray for a few weeks -- something like Scooter Libby, who suffered the fate for the crime of "perjury" for not remembering events in a proper date order. Hillary has turned perjury into an art form!

Then pardon her, as Nixon was pardoned. If Trump could put together a good speech that says something like; "we have closed the books on a sad period of American history where respect for the Constitution, the nation, history, our institutions and even truth itself was sacrificed for political gain. Let us resolve to move forward, together, rather than spinning in an ever tightening circle of recrimination" ... or something like that.

We have always known which side it is that seeks the abyss by not recognizing elections, using riots and violence as a tactic, and being willing to be utterly shameless in their inconsistency of using the Constitution for toilet paper when it suits them, then turning around and claiming to be defenders of the founders, tradition and sacred institutions like the Electoral College when it suits their quest for illicit power.

See, "reasonable Republicans" would hand the presidency to Hillary and John Kasich as a "unity government". What could be more "reasonable"?
That could open the way for patriots from both parties to come together and formulate a modern version of the Compromise of 1877 that would create a National Unity Government, for which the state delegations in the House of Representatives would be urged to vote in January. Such a Compromise of 2017 might include a President of one party and a Vice President of the other, both of whom meet the Framers’ goal of being competent and not beholden to a foreign power (perhaps Hillary Clinton and John Kasich, or Mr. Kasich and Joe Biden), a pledge by both not to run in 2020, a division of Cabinet posts between the parties, and agreement on certain policies to be enacted, including some of those that attracted voters to Mr. Trump, such as a massive infrastructure program to provide jobs and “draining the swamp” of influence peddling in Washington (which Mr. Trump plainly is not doing).
Republicans have played Charlie Brown to the Lucy ever since Watergate. It is time to close the books on this game!

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