Thursday, December 22, 2016

If I Were Putin

One of my standard mental devices in understanding the world is to attempt to put myself into the minds of other people and think what I might try to do if I was sitting where they are. There is nothing "factual" about this, it is a pure thought exercise.

Given the BO / CIA opening to question the integrity of our election POST election, why would Putin NOT come forward in any manner he desires with "irrefutable evidence"  that Trump worked with the Russians to tilt the election to himself? Why not help his adversary throw itself into a complete rat hole, possibly even something approaching civil war?

My strong suspicion is that the actual Russian "involvement" in the US election was none to minimal. There are hackers acting for their own purposes around the world for as many reasons as there are hackers. In many cases it is a pure profit motive, in others it is loosely "political", but often only in the sense of being anti-political ... anarchist. Breaking "the system" -- both the technical one of networks and computers, but certainly the corporate, political and financial system as well. But that is all moot now.

My sense is that Putin is a ruthless power player that WELL knows the real world as a result of both his old KGB role and current and past leadership roles. He knows that both his own and the US governments are morasses of bureaucratic  intransigence impossible to "control" in the sense that common people believe and media organizations like to imagine. A brontosaurus with Einstein's brain is still going to look and act much like a brontosaurus -- even Einstein can't make it's vocal apparatus speak, nor it's giant appendages type.

Who leads the US, especially Trump vs Hillary, is nearly meaningless for Putin. Hillary attempted the odd "Russian Reset" in '08 for unknown reasons beyond an idiots attempt to put down "W" ( when our ham handed state department translated "reset" into Russian, they translated it as "overload"). The Clinton foundation accepted payments approaching at least $50million to transfer 20% of US uranium assets to Russia ... so it isn't like Putin didn't know how cheaply she was willing to sell out the US.

One would imagine that Putin assumes that as a businessman, Trump will be someone easier to deal with -- or who knows, maybe just "cheaper" in the sense that decent dealings won't always require transferring millions of dollars into the "Clinton Fund". Putin can talk to Trump as a fellow multi-billionaire as opposed to a grasping mere 100 millionaire. It may just be the desire to talk to a fellow NFL QB vs a junior college QB like Hillary (really more like a junior college water girl, but let's be generous).

If I were Putin, I would make sure that the CIA "found irrefutable evidence" that Trump made promises to the Russians for dropping sanctions, allowing them to annex territory and possibly even allowing them free reign in Europe. I see the left and the BO administration as willing to treat ANYTHING as complete gospel if it reflects negatively on Trump at this point, and it is completely obvious that the left wing of the Democrat party is more than ready to riot in the streets over Trump cutting a fart.

So I for one will be completely UNsurprised if prior to the inauguration, "definitive proof" of Trump negotiating with the Russians for "whatever" doesn't come to light. In fact, I will be somewhat surprised if it does not. If it does not, my guess is that Putin feels that his personal and business interests would be too negatively impacted by throwing the US into THAT much disarray -- which is also not that surprising.  BO has handled him the largest opportunity to sow discontent in BOistan that I can recall on the proverbial silver platter.

I consider BO to be intelligent. I simply can't imagine that he would come out with the "investigate the Trump / Russia connection" ploy AFTER the election if he did not see finding "evidence" of  Trump working with the Russians as "something he could benefit from".  He HAS to realize it it is a HUGE opening for a foreign power to have devastating short and  long term negative impact on the US, and this was one of the very few times he was willing to "lead from in front", even after declaring in October that what he just did is essentially treason of the worst kind.

BO made it clear long ago in "Dreams" that destruction of the US and it's conversion into BOistan was his goal. He succeeded at his goal, but Trump is certainly something that NOBODY expected -- he has a giant opportunity to turn us back toward someday becoming America again -- maybe even being "great" in a few decades.

I think BO has now shown us exactly how far he will go to maintain his legacy of destruction -- the only question remaining is if Putin finds an even more crippled BOistan to be in his best interests.

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