Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's All Racism and Reparations

My President Was Black - The Atlantic:

The linked article is VERY long, rambling, and not worth the time to read. It was the impetus for the much shorter and to the point article that I covered here -- the seem is the same, racism and the need for reapartations.

Obama is unfailingly optimistic about the empathy and capabilities of the American people. His job necessitates this: “At some level what the people want to feel is that the person leading them sees the best in them,” he told me. But I found it interesting that that optimism does not extend to the possibility of the public’s accepting wisdoms—such as the moral logic of reparations—that the president, by his own account, has accepted for himself and is willing to teach his children.
For the "truly black", the ONLY possible answer is "reparations" -- the form of which is always unclear, but essentially the idea that the roles will be reversed. Blacks will be given "black privilige" in the same way they see the world as run today -- blacks will live in bigger houses, have more wealth, hold more prestigious positions, and whites will pay for it -- not as slaves, but at the point of the government gun as opposed to the slave masters whip.

It was hard to find a single paragraph to try to distill the rambling "evidence" of racism. I'd recommened reading my coverage og "Dog Whistle Politcs" -- the bottom line is that if you accept the racist label, you are a racist. If you do not, you are a worse racist!

That movement came into full bloom in the summer of 2015, with the candidacy of Donald Trump, a man who’d risen to political prominence by peddling the racist myth that the president was not American. It was birtherism—not trade, not jobs, not isolationism—that launched Trump’s foray into electoral politics. Having risen unexpectedly on this basis into the stratosphere of Republican politics, Trump spent the campaign freely and liberally trafficking in misogyny, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. And on November 8, 2016, he won election to the presidency. Historians will spend the next century analyzing how a country with such allegedly grand democratic traditions was, so swiftly and so easily, brought to the brink of fascism. But one needn’t stretch too far to conclude that an eight-year campaign of consistent and open racism aimed at the leader of the free world helped clear the way.
 I wasted my time on it -- no reason for anyone else to bother -- go look at "Know Your Whites" if you have time to waste.,

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