Friday, December 02, 2016

New SECDEF, Surrender Or Die

Our current SECDEF is ... uh, had to look it up -- "Ashton B. Carter". Sorta sounds like a frat boy being wheeled into the emergency room because somebody kicked his ass in a fight.

BO's cabinet tends to be completely forgettable. Oh sure, we remember Lurch Kerry cuz he looks funny and every once in awhile says something particularly stupid., but otherwise, when the president is s putz and the VP is a joke, the cabinet tends to "follow the LACK of leadership".

I'm betting everyone knows James "Mad Dog" Mattis before long. Here is an example of how to deal with your enemies:

“There is one way to have a short but exciting conversation with me,” he continued, “and that is to move too slow. Gentlemen, this is not a marathon, this is a sprint. In about a month, I am going to go forward of our Marines up to the border between Iraq and Kuwait. And when I get there, one of two things is going to happen. Either the commander of the Fifty-First Mechanized Division is going to surrender his army in the field to me, or he and all his guys are going to die.” 
Nothing much else needed to be said after that. 
Good article, great general, Trump continues to amaze.

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