Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Media, Democrat, Union Monolith In MN

This gets a little long, but the bottom line is pretty simple:

Yet he failed to mention that SEIU was taking a full 3 percent of gross wages in union dues, up to $948 dollars a year, from PCAs who signed a union card (or had one signed for them). Wouldn’t a reporter concerned about PCAs ask the SEIU why their union dues were so high?
The Star Trib, Democrats, and union leadership are "in cahoots" in MN to gather funds from "Personal Care Attendants" (PCAs) who they managed to get unionized -- and which many of them would like to get out of!

So if that interests you, then it is a worthy read of cronyism between the Star Trib, Democrats and union organizers -- but what else is new?

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