Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tough Questions In Palm Beach

There was a period in my career when I flew in and out of Palm Beach quite regularly -- often for full week business meetings. We would pull in Sunday night and leave on Friday afternoon. Even earlty PM there were 50+ BIG private jets on the ground, and coming in steadiy. Not little ones -- full sized ones like Trump's. Often they would land, go over to the private terminal, and a nice helicopter would shortly lift off taking them to their estate or their yacht.

But those poor folks have a HUGE problem!

The question of whether to use Trump’s estate during the charity season has rattled Palm Beach society. But the consensus seems to be that, whatever they may think of Trump, Mar-a-Lago is a great place to party and raise money.
To Mar-a-Lago or to not Mar-a-Lago, what a quandry. When I was travelling down there, one of the planes that was well known and pointed out when it was on the ground was Ted Kennedy's. The Kennedy's have a big compound down there where Joe used to drink and womanize to his hearts content. In 1991, Ted, Patrick and "William Kennedy Smith" were out drinking and carousing and Smith ended up accused of rape.

The clan circled the wagons like they always do -- but in their case with the entire MSM to help them. Apparently now dead "John John" needed a little blackmail to get him onboard, but hey, it's a crime family founded on bootlegging, what do you expect?

Isn't it lovely how Teddy could drown his secretary and walk away, but "locker room talk" is supposed to be disqualifying for attending charity events at a venue where they have been going for 20 years?  Good old JFK kept a whole harem, including two staffers pretty much entirely for his sexual pleasure nicknamed "Fiddle and Faddle". He was BOTH a Democarat and a Kennedy, nuff said, whatever a guy wants sexually is A - OK for guys that can check those two boxes. Slick Willie? No less than Arianna Huffington of lefty Huffpo fame said she knew 20 women in DC who would be happy to give Slick a BJ -- he had such "high regaurd for women", including a very creditable rape accusation.

How WILL the mega-rich be able to sort it all out? Oh the morality! Oh the humanity!

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