Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Trump Already Has Milbank Praising W!

Dana Milbank is confused. He is also worried that vaious world leaders might be confused -- possibly even nervous. They were never nervious about BO -- unless they didn't like the way he licked their boots. Too much spittle sometimes I heard.

Here Dana is praising W ...

"For these reasons, George W. Bush made predictable leadership a matter of pride. When I covered his White House 16 years ago, I found that the best way to predict Bush’s actions was to listen to his words: He did exactly what he said he would do. Many didn’t like the result, but Bush made it easy for Republicans in Congress to follow his lead. "

Dana was SUCH a W fan! If we go back to a blog of mine in  February of 2014 we can contrast his joy at every twitch and blink of reporters beating up W while he tries to help with construction in New Orleans in 2005, with his horror at the savagely of Bill O'Reilly who failed to treat BO as the potentate Milbank found him to be.

I understand that the WaPo is 100% an arm of "The Party" (TP-D) and I assume that everyone that reads this blog finds this to be as unsurprising as I do, so I won't drag it on.

One of the true joys of Trump is watching vacuous windmills like Milbank twist in the wind, unable to get the purchase on any specifics of why they hate him, other than THEY DO, no matter WHAT position he takes!  Could he PLEASE  just hurry up and lock into some specific policy so they can evicerate him on specifics rather than on lack of consistency!

When you KNOW that you hate the position that he takes independent of which position he takes, he shows the colors of guys like Milbank as they start to oppose him on all sides of issues -- thus making it clear that the ONLY thing they really care about is OPPOSING TRUMP! ... no matter what he does!

When Dana Milbank has something good to say about W, it is obvious he is in SERIOUS distress!

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