Saturday, December 24, 2016

Walker, Wisconsin Not Washington

I wanted Scott Walker to be president, I think he would have been great, but he would never have had a chance against Hillary. If Trump can take Walkers advice on States Rights as given  here, as well as breaking up government workers unions, maybe Walker can win in 2024.

The separation of state and federal authority is one of the most essential principles of our Constitution. It explains the Constitution’s structural allocation of powers as much as the division between legislative, executive, and judicial functions. If we lose the separate and independent existence of state governments, we will lose our Constitution. 
Hence the potentially historic importance of the initiative just announced by Governor Scott Walker, under the heading “Wisconsin, Not Washington.” This morning Governor Walker sent a letter to President-elect Trump, asking for Trump’s help in restoring the federal structure of the Constitution.
The natural order for human society is intended for power to flow from God ->Family (people) -> Church/Community -> State -> Federal.

As a nation shifts to the Satanic, we naturally see another inversion -- all power  moves to the Federal level , and it seeks to destroy all authority "below" it, especially God.

The question is not what functions the federal government should give back to the states, but what functions should the federal government have in the first place. The federal government was originally created to be a small, central government of limited powers, with everything else left to the states. Through years of federal overreach, this model has been turned on its head, and now is the time to right the ship. Power flows from the people to the government, not the other way around.
It is a great time to do this because Democrats in their typically inconsistent fashion have weirdly started it already with "sanctuary cities" that thumb their noses at existing immigration laws and marijuana havens that invalidate federal drug laws. At the same time, a state trying to declare that men and women should use bathrooms and locker rooms for their actual rather than imagined sex is declared a national pariah!

What an optimistic Christmas surprise to see this like of positive thinking arise from the wreckage of BOistan!

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