Sunday, December 25, 2016

Who You May Harass, Ivanka

The biggest piece of this story for me is that Ivanka Trump was flying COACH on Jet Blue! So much for lavish lifestyle!

The second part is trying to even imagine Obama's daughters being harassed. The level of media outcry would be horrific, and I'd argue it ought to be. Politics is politics and selling used cars is selling used cars. Our founders worked very hard to keep both of them as something we dealt with nationally every few years and the bulk of the population cared little about the rest of the time.

An actual father holding their child while going after a mother with their children would not happen. Possibly a woman would do this, but unlikely. Such behavior must be explainable somehow in the scope of gay "marriage", but I know I don't care to hear the explanation! What part of the psyche has to be broken to be holding a child -- even a child that is obviously not "yours" in any natural human sense, and to somehow see it has reasonable to verbally attack an actjual mother with her children.

Back when BO ascended to power, any criticism of "The One" was racist. The fact that the Team Party was against his policies meant they were, ...., yes, this gets boring, RACIST!

You verbally accosted a woman with her children, tough guys. Here is the issue for now, and just for now it is words, but what will we see next? People throwing stuff at her? Is that okay, libs? Would a smack be okay, if it were done by a woman? I just want to know where you draw the line, because I want to know what the line is when a Trump supporter or a Trump himself again gets accosted and then kicks the living crap out of his accoster from here to kingdom come.

So where is the line? The MSM doesn't seem to think this is even a problem at all. So what WOULD be a problem? Anything? Or is the entire Trump family open for "whatever" since they have been suitably labled by the left?

Naturally, if Ivanka baked cakes, she would be legally obligated to bake a cake for these "men", since they are a protected class!

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