Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dog Gas, All About Trump

Small business owner appears in photo with Trump... with predictable results - Hot Air Hot Air:

If you read to the bottom of the little article you will see that Dave has a solution to extensive flatulence in dogs ... he sounds like an incredibly mean guy on video.

Here is his pictoral sin, Dave is 2nd from the left.

He has been working hard to find a way to keep providing health insurance for his employees, and the latest Trump roll back allowed it again:

Then Obamacare came along and that ability vanished. He’s spent the past several years traveling back and forth to Washington and Boston talking to every official he could find to complain about that portion of the law. It turns out that Trump’s recent executive order rolled back that part of Obamacare so the group could negotiate for better rates again and the National Retail Federation sent Dave an invitation to go to Washington and attend the signing.
Now, we know that the official media narrative is that BOcare did nothing but good, and that any rollback is doing nothing but evil. Someone living in the real world might guess that narrative is significantly wrong, but considering the MSM anything less than gospel is not allowed -- certainly not in Massachusets!
Welcome to social activism on the Left in 2017. A guy who provides 150 local jobs and serves a popular (if eclectic) consumer niche was trying to find a way to get more affordable group health insurance for his workers. When that goal was achieved he accepted an invitation he’d never asked for to go to the White House and celebrate that achievement. And now the liberal hordes on social media are trying to shut him down. Over a photgraph. Great job, guys.

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Terrible Tribal Truth In BOistan

We had a couple of speeches last week that the two major tribes in BOistan had different reactions to (suprise) ... first, General John Kelly's shock at the politicization of a call to a widow of a fallen special forces soldier, then W on restoring a true Davos control of this lawless territory now known as BOistan.

Here is the text of Kelly's speech if you want to look at it, it is well worth watching and or reading. Some key highlights.

Who are these young men and women? They are the best 1 percent this country produces. Most of you, as Americans, don't know them. Many of you don't know anyone who knows any one of them. But they are the very best this country produces, and they volunteer to protect our country when there's nothing in our country anymore that seems to suggest that selfless service to the nation is not only appropriate, but required. But that's all right.
As I've said many times, there is nothing left in BOistan that is held sacred by a large majority of people. A Matt Walsh column covers that in some detail.

A land made of ideals? What ideals? Tell me exactly which ideals unite and define the United States in 2017? I don't want to hear about what ideals united us in 1776 or 1890 or during WW2. Those days are gone. Tell me about today. This moment. Give me one ideal — just one — that can be said to unite nearly all Americans right now. After all, if we are a country made of ideals, yet we share no common ideals, then we are not really a country. Remove the bricks from a house made of bricks and you're left with rubble. Remove the essence from something and you end up with nothing. So, what are our bricks? What is our essence?
 Readers of this blog know that the US was a nation based on ideas rather than territory, race, religion or ethnicity. We all know that we now can't name ONE value/ideal that is shared by a large majority of what used to be "Americans", but I now refer to as BOistanis, since we have NOTHING that is held in common -- not even honoring the old flag and anthem of the historical "America".

Here are some words from Kelly on that topic.

It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought at least that was sacred. You know, when I was a kid growing up, a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That's obviously not the case anymore as we see from recent cases. Life -- the dignity of life -- is sacred. That's gone. Religion, that seems to be gone as well.
Gold Star families, I think that left in the convention over the summer. But I just thought -- the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die on the battlefield, I just thought that that might be sacred.
No John, nothing is sacred in BOistan.

Jonah Goldberg has a rather fanciful, but somewhat useful take on the two speeches.
But it seems like almost everybody is only hearing what they want to hear. Liberals, the media, and — importantly — President Trump’s Amen Corner all heard the same thing in Bush’s remarks: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, Trump Bad.” That’s why Bush is suddenly benefitting from a strange new respect from liberals and a strange new hatred from former supporters.
Yes Jonah, everyone -- including you and me, is hearing everything through the lens of our bias. That has always been, and is always the case, thus the reason WHY it was important to have SHARED values, and  a TRANSCENDENT view where we could at least attempt to rise above our biases to a set of sacred principles that would allow us to have a SHARED, non-tribal view, of what it meant to all be citizens of a nation founded on values / ideas / ideals.

But Jonah, we NO LONGER LIVE THERE, and I believe that is the essence of why you failed to see why it was CRITICAL that Hillary not be elected, even if it meant electing Trump!

If you want to read the entire W speech, I have included it here. Jonah aside, it does seem rather ironic to see the left praising W -- until Trump, there was nobody they enjoyed dismissing as a complete idiot than W. All it takes to be redeemed for the left is if one takes on Trump! I found this paragraph interesting ...

In all these ways, we need to recall and recover our own identity. Americans have a great advantage: To renew our country, we only need to remember our values.
W and his speech writers try valiantly to arrive and some "values" that might be of interest to some people -- obviously, the ones the left agrees with are "fight Trump"! Those damned Russians! Get globalism running again! More money for Davos!

W was a decent guy, a Christian even. He was and is total inside the beltway DC establishment through and through -- a man for bigger government, just maybe a TINY percentage less bigger than "The Party" wants. Obviously he hates Trump -- Trump beat his whiny little brother Jebbie, it is easy to understand why that made W mad.

None of these reasons are however "shared values" -- a return to open borders and more globalism no doubt is a "value" that makes W, TP and our elites hearts go pitter pat, but it isn't exactly "America" -- it is a strong cry for a total return to BOistan without any boat rocking about some "return to greatness". W was he of "kinder and gentler", forced to execute a "War On Terror" rather than the real war on Islamic Fundamentalism -- which considers establishment of a global Caliphate as a religious duty.

You know my view -- either we return to Christ, or we continue to decline as a the failed tribal state of BOistan with no agreement at all of what "values" it might be that underly our whims. I think the Kelly speech does a great job of pointing out just how far we have fallen, and the W speech does a great job of pointing out that the establishment has no idea we have even fallen, let alone any idea of how to get up again!

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The Red Century, Nostalgia for Communism At NY Times

New York Times’ Communism Series -- Red Century & Lies about Socialism | National Review:

A good one from Jonah on the series at the Times waxing nostalgic for the "good old days" of the USSR. I agreed with Jonah that the "Women Had Better Sex Under Communism" was especially wacky. The column gets a bit long, however I think it is very important to understanding the "progressive/socialist/communist" mind.

It is perhaps hard to understand now, but at that time, in this place, the Marxist vision of world solidarity as translated by the Communist Party induced in the most ordinary of men and women a sense of one’s own humanity that ran deep, made life feel large; large and clarified. It was to this clarity of inner being that so many became not only attached, but addicted. No reward of life, no love nor fame nor wealth, could compete with the experience. It was this all-in-allness of world and self that, all too often, made of the Communists true believers who could not face up to the police state corruption at the heart of their faith, even when a 3-year-old could see that it was eating itself alive.
There are essentially only two beliefs that give meaning to human life. The first is some version of transcendence -- that there is a God, a "power" that is beyond mere physical matter, and has created all we see and ourselves as well for an eternal purpose. The second is the materialst vision that matter is all. While this materialist vision ought to mean that meaning is not possible, since all is mere randomness, including whatever thoughts we might believe we have, man truely does not live by bread alone.

He MUST have faith, so the materialist conjures some idea of "basic goodness" -- instilled "somehow" by blind chance, to create his article of faith that man is "somehow good". Communism promised that if religion and other "opiates of the people": could be removed, the mass of humanity would quickly become a workers paradise here on earth.

The article then talks of Russia's long term actities in "meddling" in the US to fan racial and class tensions in the interest of tearing our political system apart. Naturally, the left was largely unconcerned about this activity since it aligned with their vision -- attempts to move the US to a communist state were seen as generally positive by the left, so most were OK with them, and highly outraged by efforts from Americans to expose those efforts (McCarthyism).

Today, the supposed efforts from the Putin regieme to de-stabalize BOistan are naturlly horrific for the left. One wonders what Putin's objectives beyond fanning the already extreme flames of disunity in BOistan are -- perhaps Trump is a KGB agent and will turn BOistan into the sort of oligarichal kleptocracy that todays Russian seems to be? It seems strange to me -- what is the Davos directed Administrative State of BOistan anyway but a kleptocracy for "The Party" and their "1%"?

Oh, and there are a number of memes / tweets in the column about how "real socialism has never been tried" along with this gem, The Iron Law of Oligarchy" from Robert Michaels in 1911. Bob and I would get along well ... I believed that the Constitution could prevent the takeover of our nation by administrative State, however Bob tells me it was inevitable.
According to Michels all organizations eventually come to be run by a "leadership class", who often function as paid administrators, executives, spokespersons, political strategists, organizers, etc. for the organization. Far from being "servants of the masses", Michels argues this "leadership class," rather than the organization's membership, will inevitably grow to dominate the organization's power structures. By controlling who has access to information, those in power can centralize their power successfully, often with little accountability, due to the apathy, indifference and non-participation most rank-and-file members have in relation to their organization's decision-making processes. Michels argues that democratic attempts to hold leadership positions accountableare prone to fail, since with power comes the ability to reward loyalty, the ability to control information about the organization, and the ability to control what procedures the organization follows when making decisions. All of these mechanisms can be used to strongly influence the outcome of any decisions made 'democratically' by members.[2]
Having only written versions of this a few hundred times, the fact that it was all known in 1911 merely gives me another reason to be humble. There is truely nothing new under the sun.

In general, a column worthy of the read!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Proof BO DOJ Colluded With Russia

Bombshell Revelations about Russia and Obama’s Department of Justice | Power Line:

I've covered the fact that tens of millions of dollars flowed to "The Clinton Fund -- Funds, for Clintons" so that Russia could abscond with 20% of our urainium resources -- the "Urainium One" deal itself is a matter of public record. The documentation of the bribery and kickbacks as well as documentation of the BO DOJ turning a blind eye is what is covered in the linked column and in the articles from "The Hill", a middle of the road political publication.

The congress and the president need to PROSECUTE Crooked Hillary -- if not Slick and BO as well.

Yes, the Deep State, including all the lifer bureaucrats at DOJ, FBI, CIA, commerce, state, etc, etc will do all they can to save "their people" the Clintons, etc, and it may well not be possible to get Hillary in prison and some sense of justice returning to BOistan, but it should be attempted.

BOistan is a VERY corrupt place -- certainly the vast majority of the Republican party is just as in on it and corrupt as "The Party" (TP-D). As least Trump will tweet out the truth -- it remains to be seen how many will take the time to understand just how high level and well documented the corruption really is. The media will be doing everything they can to suppress this.

"It's bad, you know".

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Repeal the Second Amendment, NY Times

Repeal the Second Amendment - The New York Times:

I applaud this article for it's honesty. OF COURSE the left wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment! As the article boldly admits  ...

Maybe it’s because they argue their case badly and — let’s face it — in bad faith. Democratic politicians routinely profess their fidelity to the Second Amendment — or rather, “a nuanced reading” of it — with all the conviction of Barack Obama’s support for traditional marriage, circa 2008. People recognize lip service for what it is.
The article leads in with the classic shibboleths about "more guns = more crime" ... Of course you can find a study to "prove" nearly anything, but the fact is that if you remove our liberally governed heavily gun controlled murder capital cities ... Chicago, DC, Baltimor, New Orleans, etc,  our murder by gun numbers are like Swtizerland. The big lie that is used to pump them up beyond the murder rates for our Democrat disaster area cities is SUICIDE by gun -- as Australia discovered, get rid of the guns and people kill themselves at the same rates by other methods. Humans are resourceful.

Deaths from guns at home? PLEASE! If you really care, outlaw swimming pools ... 3,500 drowned a year, 700 of them children under 14 ... does anyone really "need" a swimming pool?

Naturally, you can't even trust a liberal when they tell you what they are going to do in the headline  ... they DON'T want to "Repeal the 2nd Amendment", which would require a Constitutional Amendment. No, they want the SCOTUS to overturn it from the bench! "Unconstitutional"? No doubt the non-existent "Privacy Clause" includes some "riight" for you to be free from the fear that your neighbor has a gun. There is no "law", Constitutional or otherwise beyond liberal power ... at least in their minds.

Repealing the Amendment may seem like political Mission Impossible today, but in the era of same-sex marriage it’s worth recalling that most great causes begin as improbable ones. Gun ownership should never be outlawed, just as it isn’t outlawed in Britain or Australia. But it doesn’t need a blanket Constitutional protection, either. The 46,445 murder victims killed by gunfire in the United States between 2012 and 2016 didn’t need to perish so that gun enthusiasts can go on fantasizing that “Red Dawn” is the fate that soon awaits us.
Oh, the "Red Dawn" thing. After Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nicaragua, etc, etc, the left continues to imagine that a dedicated local armed citizenry has "no chance" against either a rogue government trying to usurp the right to bear arms, or against an invading outside force. The "Red Dawn" reference is to a movie in which armed Americans foiled a old cold war Soviet invasion.

The left is all about "fantasy", and not very much about either history or American reality. Naturally, when a Republican president attempts to deploy troops anywhere, the left will point out the "futility of attempting to suppress guerilla warefare" -- consistency, like history or reality is not a liberal value.

The only "value" that the left/liberal/progressive mind cares about is POWER. Certainly, the removal of the right to bear arms would be a major step for them in making totalitarian government control much easier.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Adminstrative State, "Sue and Settle" Trumped !

The Important Story You’re Not Hearing Much About | Power Line:

To quote Brer Rabbit "Please don't throw me into that briar patch!".

Most people will have never heard of this technique, but it is blindingly simple. You run a federal agency like EPA. You want more power so you can get more money, employees, etc, AND you can attack political enemies and write allowances for poltical friends.

SO, you contact a freindly interest group, say "The Sierra Club", and have them SUE YOUR AGENCY because they claim that you have not regulated something enough! Maybe you go to court and "lose", thus meaning you now "must" do the extra regulation you wanted to do, OR, you just settle out of court with the friendly interest group that sued you, gaining the power you wanted -- AND, may be giving them + your and their lawyers a nice monetary settlement. SWEET!

Not any more. TRUMPED!

This of course will get VERY little coverage since the agencies / groups involved don't really want this looked at, however it is certainly one of the real reasons they absolutely hate Trump!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Anxiety, There But For God's Grace

Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? - The New York Times:

A very long article that reinforces the fairly well known fact that anxiety is an epidemic in the US.

In 1985, the Higher Education Research Institute at U.C.L.A. began asking incoming college freshmen if they “felt overwhelmed by all I had to do” during the previous year. In 1985, 18 percent said they did. By 2010, that number had increased to 29 percent. Last year, it surged to 41 percent.
Why? Well the article covers cell phones, social media and helicopter parents with "maybe". Religion, broken homes, lack of institutions like "Boy" Scouts and such is not touched on -- no chance at all that embedding youth in organizations that have been used for thousands of years as frameworks for the maturing process, MIGHT have had a good effect, and tearing them all down may have had a bad one.

Nah, you "can't turn the clock back".

The pinnacle of meaningful prose in the article is this:

“The million-dollar question of raising an anxious child is: When is pushing her going to help because she has to face her fears, and when is it going to make the situation worse and she’s going to have a panic attack?” Allison told me. “I feel like I made the wrong decision many times, and it destroyed my confidence as a mother.”
As anyone who works with people with mental / emotional issues will tell you, there are basically two kinds of people that have problems ... those who are too tight, and those who are too loose. "Counselling, psychotherapy, etc are often about "tightening or loosening".

Typical comments are like "I must do X, I should do y, I can't do z" ... this person likely needs some loosening, too judgemental.

Or you might hear, "I don't really care", "I just don't know what I want to do", "nothing really matters". "it's all just a meaningless game ..." ... such a person probably needs some tightening.

I was an anxious kid, and to some degree still am an anxious adult. If I were growing up today with the level of anxiety that I had, I'd likely have been in all sorts of special care and probably still be up in Barron talking about all the things that I "couldn't do" ... if I was alive at all.

Instead, I felt like I had "no choice", but to fight through a ton of things, often with high discomfort. If I hadn't been raised with the fear of God and Hell, suicide in my early 20's was a distinct possibility -- fear of Hell, and the knowledge of how wrong and selfish relative to my family it was to "give up" stayed my hand.

So, society declared god to be "dead", hell as froze over, and if you are anxious, you get a lot of special treatment -- and shockingly, both anxiety and suicide are breaking all records.

And nobody can figure out why.

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Ferry Crash, No Tears From Schumer

City Official Pleads Guilty in Ferry Crash - The New York Times:

I ran into an interesting article a couple days ago

For going on roughly 2 decades now, New York’s Chuck Schumer has found something, almost anything, especially if it promoted big government, to offer an agreeable media on Sundays. He’s generally taken advantage of what’s usually a “slow news day” to either pitch or bitch about an issue in front of a friendly gaggle of reporters. There have, however, been some rare times the camera seeking Chucky has missed those free publicity love-ins. 
One notable absence was following the worst disaster in the over century-long history of the Staten Island Ferry. On Wednesday, October 15, 2003 the Andrew J. Barberi crashed full-speed in a concrete pier at St. George ferry terminal, killing 11 and injuring 165. The crash was so horrific, then Mayor Michael Bloomberg felt compelled to issue a statement saying it was not a terrorist attack.
So why is that anniversary different? Well, I wasn't going to just believe the article, so I had to go get it from the "paper of record", the NY Times.

"In a statement, Ms. Weinshall, who is the wife of Senator Charles E. Schumer, cited a list of changes introduced since the disaster, including the hiring of more staff and the purchase of advanced navigational equipment."
Isn't that special? It was enough to get her to officially unhyphenate her name!

Two things that we can glean from this:

1). The power of the media is AMAZING ... if they don't want us to know, we don't, if they DO, then how potato is spelled can become national news!

2). When Chucky looks over his glasses at us and gets all preachy and weepy, we know that it is called ACTING, and should have no effect in the real world!

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Sonderweg, Whiteness, Eldritch Energies

How Ta-Nehisi Coates Gives Whiteness Power - The New York Times:

Mostly I love this for words and concepts. "Sonderweg", a German word of "the special way" ...

In the study of German history, there is the notion of sonderweg, literally the “special path,” down which the German people are fated to wander....
I have run into "eldritch" before, but my mental meaing for it was off ... I thought of it as "related to witches", actually it is, "wierd, sinister, or ghostly" ... "Christopher Walken". A really good word for this Halloween season!

I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads this blog understands that at a basic level, "Black Lives Matter = KKK".  Everyone has racist tendencies, and when you join groups that fan those tendencies, they become toxic.

This, more than anything, is what is so unsettling about Mr. Coates’s recent writing and the tenor of the leftist “woke” discourse he epitomizes. Though it is not at all morally equivalent, it is nonetheless in sync with the toxic premises of white supremacism. Both sides eagerly reduce people to abstract color categories, all the while feeding off of and legitimizing each other, while those of us searching for gray areas and common ground get devoured twice. Both sides mystify racial identity, interpreting it as something fixed, determinative and almost supernatural. For Mr. Coates, whiteness is a “talisman,” an “amulet” of “eldritch energies” that explains all injustice; for the abysmal early-20th-century Italian fascist and racist icon Julius Evola, it was a “meta-biological force,” a collective mind-spirit that justifies all inequality. In either case, whites are preordained to walk that special path. It is a dangerous vision of life we should refuse no matter who is doing the conjuring.
 As Charles Taylor covers so well in "The Secular Age", we live in a secular world, but it is undeniably haunted -- as the quoted paragraph makes so clear. It is possible we are all fallen children of God, redeemable by Jesus if we accept his Grace .... "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in his sight".  OR, we are really different with everything determined materially, and we need to search for materialist "gray areas and common ground" in order to attempt to paper over our real differences.

In their desire to kill God, the modern pagans have definitely released a host of eldrich energies!

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Jesus Missing In Vegas

Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished - LA Times:

No, not THAT Jesus, he has been missing in Vegas a LONG time !  ... Jesus Campos, the security guard once a "hero" for interrupting the Vegas shooter, Stephan Paddock, and sustaining a wound to the leg. The later story was that he was shot BEFORE the shooting began -- the current "story" is that they can't find him.

The Vegas shooting has all but disappeared from the daily sheep feedind diet from the MSM.

I really enjoy how the LA Times finds nothing at all suspicious about this in any form -- hey, it isn't like Trump having done business in Russia in the past, a sure "sign". In this case, the article closes with:

Friends, co-workers and neighbors who know Campos described him as a private person. Still, Jaime Ruano, Campos’ neighbor, also wondered why the security guard has apparently disappeared. 
"He's a hero,” Ruano said, “and nobody knows where he is.”
Always good to end with the proper message, just in case some sheep is looking at that "special sheep" a little too closely.

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The Limits of Sexual Consent

Sex, Consent & Morality -- Culture Ruined by Sexual Revolution | National Review:

The modern pagans continue their hard work of pulling man up by his moral bootstraps. The technique works no better for morality than it does for flying.

The following from a tweet in the attached article ...

So much cultural & personal hurt due to sexual sin. Maybe the church should see its sexual ethics as a gift of common grace to the world.
There is nothing common about Grace -- it cost divine suffering beyond imagination, and yes, Grace and God's morality are a HUGE gift!

The article is short and worth the read --  mutual desire is not morality no matter how much lipstick one puts on it.

The practical result of consent-focused morality is the sexualization of everything. With the line drawn at desire alone, there is no longer any space that’s sex-free. Work meetings or restaurants can be creative locations for steamy liaisons. Not even marriage or existing relationships stand as a firewall against potential hookups.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Jonah Still In Whale's Belly

Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Hypocrisy & Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full of Women” | National Review:

I still enjoy reading Jonah Goldberg -- I've tended to love his books (Liberal Fascism,  and Tyranny of Cliches, which I need to blog on).

In general, he saw Trump, thought he was a guppy, realized too late he was a whale, got swallowed as a #nevertrumper, and is now out for a long cold ride in the dark. Thus he ends with this ...
It’s war, fight fire with fire; if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em; what about X,Y, and Z?: These are the new rallying cries on much of the right. And as much as that breaks my heart, I can’t help but want to shout leftward, “You stupid f**ks, look at you now.”
He definitely means to shout it RIGHTWARD as well ... he is REALLY pissed to be spending his time in the belly of a whale!

Jonah seems totally unable to understand the concept of cutting off your legs to save your eyes -- a trade-off I'd guess nearly all of us would make if we had to. Hillary = losing eyes, Trump = cutting off legs. If most of us made that decision, everyone would be completely unsurprised to see us "making the best of it" ... continuing to say we made the right decision even from a wheelchair, driving a special hand controlled car rather than not being able to drive ... that sort of thing.

Goldberg is Jewish and I don't believe much for practicing, as opposed to Christian, so my guess is that as a really really smart guy, he lacks the sort of metaphysical humility that says that some level of tribalism is simply not avoidabe -- there is ALWAYS going to be LESS oppribum for "our side", that is really not "hypocrisy", but rather "humanity" ... throwing morals of a sexual harrassment nature completely out the window like with Harvey, Slick, etc is where the train has left the tracks.

To declare that a grandparent MUST see their won grandchildren in the same light as all other children is just not going to happen. Deep down, I always suspect that the BIG thing that Jews have against Christians is that they know the Chrisitans believe they are "God's adopted children through the Blood of Christ", and the Jew's just don't like anyone else thinking they are God's children!

"Father would NEVER adopt other children! He has US!"

Jonah's brand of "conservative" is also somewhat Jewish -- "Trump ain't no stinkin Messiah! He eats, he drinks (with sinners and publicans no less!), he fails to wash his hands when he should, he said bad things about Pharisees ..."

Since Jonah is as least as pissed that Trump won as any D, he is REALLY not happy (whale bellies are noteably uncomfortable). The BIGGEST positive of Trump is HE WON! Again, if you cut your legs off to save your eyes, "I CAN SEE" would be a pretty sweet thing ... and focusing on how bad it is that you have no legs would really not be that helpful.

So poor Jonah keeps pining away for the lovely writing time he would have had if Trump had lost and Hillary would have won -- at least he would not be in a whale, AND, the supposed "conservatives" would still have their "moral purity".

The column is an entertaining read ... lots of mxed metaphors and stories lumped together in a bit of a "whales breakfast", but never the less entertaining.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pornographers, Friends And Enemies

Have dirt that could impeach Trump? Larry Flynt will pay you $10 million. - The Washington Post:

Larry Flynt, publisher of "Hustler", is willing to pay $10 million for dirt to impeach Trump ... it sounds like he might be an enemy of Trump!

He offered $1 million way back for any dirt on Republican congressmen during the Slick Willie impeachment trial, was a Hillary contributor. It sounds like he is a friend of the Clintons!

So Harvey Weinstein has been a heavy contributor to Democrat causes and a big player of the "best moral compass" in BOistan.

"Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion," Weinstein told the newspaper at the time. "We were the people who did the fundraising telethon for the victims of 9/11. We were there for the victims of Katrina and any world catastrophe."
Ah "progressiveism" ... back in the old racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-porn, "America", the unwashed masses looked at Hollywood as Soddom to Lost Wages Gomorrah, many in BOistan find them to be "a moral compass".

The Washington Post has no problem siding with Larry Flynt, "the enemy of my enemy (Trump) is my friend!" It is the heart of the morality of power.

Does pornography exploit women? Well, not according to many of the obits for Hugh Hefner -- it LIBERATED women! To take their clothes off, leverage their sexuality for the more money and power!

Hugh, Larry, Harvey, Slick, Anthony Weiner, and a host of other men were the receipients of some of this "liberation" ... they used the truth of power to deal in the amoral coin of modern sexuality freed of those old tired American / Biblical morals.

Mostly, when "The Party" (TP-D) is in power, that is approved trafficing. Harvey did it for decades, Slick as well ... and we assume that he is still doing so. The female (does it matter in BOistan?) reporter who said that she would give Slick a BJ anytime is still around supporting TP.

We all understand that if Hildebeast was in the WH, Harvey would be getting his sexual favors like always. In BOistan, "morals" are situational .... SAYING "pussy" is supposed to do you in if you are not in good standing with TP. Taking any sort of sex you like up to and including rape is A-OK if you are a powerful member of TP in good standing. Slick Willie being the prime proof, Harvey showing that when TP loses power, their guys have something to lose.

The end of Harvey is one of the "wages of Trump" ... TP is all about POWER, and Trump winning has reduced that (although since they still own the Deep State, they have the real power). The circus of the TP MSM and organizations falling all over themselves to see who can be the toughest on Harvey is a very sorry spectacle -- we know their hearts are completely NOT in it, otherwise they would not be happy about being on the same side as Larry Flynt.

The saddest part is that they have no clue how transparent they actually are!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Those Who Judge Us Deploreables

Behold Our Betters - Kurt Schlichter:

As the media ritualistically sacrifices Harvey Weinstein on the alter of situational "morality", it is good to take a short pause.

We have long ago abandoned God, and now live in a totally corrupt godless age. Havey is a distraction -- he has been doing what he was doing since at least 2000 and most likely well before. The following paragraph from the second "stain" link:
A thought experiment: Would the Weinstein story have been published if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? No, and not because he is a big Democratic fundraiser. It’s because if the story was published during the course of a Hillary Clinton presidency, it wouldn’t have really been about Harvey Weinstein. Harvey would have been seen as a proxy for the president’s husband and it would have embarrassed the president, the first female president.
Calling it a "thought experiment" is very generous, it requires no thought -- Harvey had the Clintons paid off, no doubt Bill in both money and women. This is old tired news ... Teddy Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Gary Hart, Barney Frank (except he liked boys, so was "speical"). If you are in good standing with "The Party", TP-D, **AND** they have the power they usually do, then you can do what you want!

This has to be making Slick Willie squirm a tiny bit -- post Teddy Kennedy, TP sold it''s laughable "moral standing" completely away so that he could survive raping, fonding, BJs in the oval office, staining the blue dress, and no doubt a stream of abuse of women before and after that make Weinstein seem like a Boy Scout (or is that a "Whatever Scout" now based on announcements this week?)

Yes, Yes, Trump said "pussy" ... oh horror. We deploreables all understand that "the deal" is supposed to be to get your mind right, take a knee to TP, and THEN, if you can get some power and get in with the big shots of TP, well, then you can take the spoils of female sexual servitude like the Kennedy's, Slick, Havey, etc.

The "deal" is that this was supposed to be a one way street -- the WORST they could dig up on Trump was that he said "pussy" to some guy ... HORRIBLE! The entire media, left wing, TP (but I repeat) myself was SHOCKED! Shocked I say! That those knuckle dragging Bible pounding Red State fools would not be agahst at such boorish language ... OK, Teddy drowned his young secretary, but there is no evidence he ever said "pussy"! That word is simply beyond the pale!

Yes, BOistanis simply can't stand such a horrible word as "pussy" would be exchanged in private between adult males!

Is Harvey some sort of an indication of a changes set of values from TP? Uh, no -- as long as Slick is still walking around in public, you can rest assured that the old deal is still alive. Certainly, with Trump in power, they don't have the sort of leverage they are used to, but throwing Harvery under the bus is a mere distraction -- there have to be payoffs for TP to keep running BOistan, and some of those have to be in young, soft, sensuous female flesh -- once you trade morals for power, that is just one of the "coins" that has to be delivered ...

However, as the well worth reading "Behold Our Betters" article closes ...

So why should we normal Americans respect these people? Why should we submit to being constantly scolded, lectured, and treated as morally bankrupt simpletons anymore?
 We shouldn’t, and we aren’t, not anymore. 
 They wonder why they got Trump. 
 They are why they got Trump."
Thanks Harvey.

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Climate Change, The Faith Of BOistan

Lake Superior Drying Up Due to Climate Change! No, Wait… | Power Line:

The linked article shows the current news stories of Lake Superior being near record high levels due to Climate Change (CC), and links to articles from 2012 that lament it being near record low levels due to CC.

For the CC believer, there is no problem here -- long periods of stable weather are proof of CC, as in longer droughts or wet spells. More storms are evidence of CC as we see with the resurgance of tropical storms this year, as was the over a decade hurricane drought from '05 to this year. As I heard a scientist declare on "Climate Cast" on MPR, "At this point, all weather events clearly show the fingerprints of CC".

Humans have always enjoyed having certainty to cling to in a world that seems uncertain. It used to be Almighty God, these days it is CC. The nice thing for the CC faithful is that while there always seemed to be "scoffers" against God, you can walk vast swaths of blue state BOistan, the halls of acedemia, governent, media, etc, and never hear a peep from an unwashed "denier".  CC is a dogma that requires no Satan. In Christian theology, God was the force for good, and Satan was the force for evil. In CC, all that happens that remotely relates to weather -- often including things like unrest in the middle east (due to drought) are explained by CC.

Temprature might rise or fall, water levels may rise or fall, greenry flourish or wilt, it matters not to the holiness of CC ... all that happens in weather is explained by the truth of CC.

The reasons to believe are clear -- who wants to be seen as having low intelllect, being stubborn, being against saving the world, not willing agree with "97% of scientists"!! What kind of an arrogant fool would even consider disagreement with 97% of scientists! Clearly such a one is a DENIER through and through and must be cast into outer darkness!

Obviously, the kind of fool that belives in individual freedom, independence,  and liberty, and that is NOT what BOistan is about! Not being able to put your own thoughts in perspective and follow what the vast majority believe is NOT a value on BOistan!

The only reason to question CC is if you are not willing to remain a citizen of BOistan. CC is the law and the faith of BOistan, for the BOistani, there is no other choice.

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Fear God, Limit Confirmation Bias

Seeing Trump Through a Glass, Darkly - The New York Times:

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom.

The hammer analogy is in the tool domain, the Bible verse is in the world view, philosophical, espistemological modesty domain. As the article says ...

It won’t be drained from our political bloodstream by conservatives lecturing liberals or vice versa. We have to begin with people in our own tribe, with people who have standing in our lives. We need to emphasize greater epistemological modesty on our side and greater appreciation for the perspectives of the other side. We have to look within and see ourselves and our limitations with fresh eyes.
The "it" is the preceeding paragraph in the column ...

Confirmation bias is deepening political polarization, which is already at record levels. Our political culture is sick and getting sicker, and confirmation bias is now a leading toxin.
The purpose of the column is to get more conservatives / Republicans to hate Trump ... as if there were not a whole potload already. The core of Trump's support is from people completely fed up with DC, political parties, media, and all the happy bullshit artists that call themselves "experts".

While the "expert" that wrote the column is from the W administration, and if you wasn't out to convince more people on the right to hate Trump as he does, then the NY Times would not have published his column! He notices that "political polarization" is "deepening" and he was in the W administration? HELLO ... the NY Times HATED you, and they were (and are) **WAY** unconcerned about their "confirmation bias".

Having confirmation bias is like breathing for humans. When we stop having it, we get buried. Can we hold our breath? can we regulate our breathing? Sure ... on the margins, just like how we can deal without confirmation bias, without a SOLID understanding that we are not the be all and end all -- in fact, nothing here, not the planet, not the sun, not what we see as the "universe" is ultimately of any worth at all.

Only God.

So, if we recognized our smallness, mortality, powerlessness, neediness, etc, **THEN** we have a chance to rise above our individual sense of pride and our partisan tribes. I especially liked this paragraph ...

In political debates we assume wisdom resides with us and not our opponents. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that; it’s the reason we hold the views we do. And so when I see so many Republicans defend Mr. Trump regardless of his actions — invoking defenses that I am certain would enrage them if champions of a President Hillary Clinton had said the same things on her behalf — I’m convinced we’re seeing a severe case of confirmation bias, the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs.
Has this man never sat and watched an NFL game with fans of opposing teams? Holding, pass interference, unneccsary roughness, what is a catch, etc, etc are **ALL** dependent on which team it is happening to!! This is bedrock human  nature -- I'm sure the caveman did that same thing.

So if Slick Willie gets away with BJs at the oval office and someone sets out to destroy Trump because he said "Pussy", this is not "confirmation bias", this is called being human and defending your own team. "Standards" are only standards if they are followed by BOTH TEAMS. One team following standards all the time while the other team does not is called BEING STUPID ... which is also very old.

Certainly, the inside the beltway R power folks including ex-Bushies, HATE Trump ... probably even worse than the NY Times.

And that is a major reason he was elected, and why his supporters have to interest in listening to the NY Times, and even less in listening to a Bushie.

Oh, and if someone gets "standing in your life" on the basis of politics, you need a NEW LIFE!

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Weinstein, Batman, Understanding POWER

Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Ambition Protected Him from Exposure | National Review:

Here is a Weinstein version.

At The Cut, writer Rebecca Traister tells a dreadful story about Weinstein. She was covering a book party he hosted, and she asked him some questions that made him angry. He called her a “c**t” and declared himself to be the “f***ing sheriff of this f***ing lawless piece-of-sh*t town.” When her boyfriend — another journalist — tried to intervene, Weinstein attacked. He threw her boyfriend down a set of steps, then dragged him outside in a headlock. All the while cameras flashed. This was 17 years ago, in the year 2000. Not one of the pictures saw the light of day.

The article compares Weinstein with O'Reily and Rupert Murdock at Fox, who had less power. It fails to compare him with Bill Clinton who clearly had MORE power -- he skated because a whole nation was afraid to accept just how corrupt it really had become. So what to do? According to the article ...

No, neither Harvey Weinstein nor Roger Ailes was really all that powerful. They were vulnerable. They were vulnerable to people who were willing to support victims and tell the truth. They were vulnerable to people who just might be willing to risk their personal ambition to seek justice. But because ambition is so overwhelming — because self-interest is so powerful — these paper tigers were allowed to prey on women year after year. Why do men like Ailes and Weinstein get away with misconduct for so long? Because in certain sectors of American society, moral courage is in short supply.
But WHY is moral courage is short supply, and WHY is self interest so powerful?

My view is that unless humans consider a morality that will affect their eternal soul, corruption will only continue to get worse.  The Clinton's, Obama, Trump ... ALL show us that morality does not count on ANY side. Any politics other than totalitarianism can really only exist in a culture where moral values that affect your eternal soul are more important than money, power, fame, pleasure, etc

We are generally heading in the opposite dirction of that world -- more toward the Batman world.

But why is the jig up on Harvey NOW? Did he has been doing this FOREVER -- isn't it going to reflect badly on TP and the promises they make to guys like Harvey to see him go down?

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Video Media Manipulation

We are bombarded by media manipulation every day. The video at the end uses standard manipulation techniques turned against BO this time  ... HIS gaffes, the boot licking media comments, his lies, his mis-statements, etc are interepersed with music / cuts / etc to make him look bad ... essentially what the MSM did against W, and now Trump every day.

As I covered here, we live inside a media manipulation machine, including late night TV, awards shows, standard musicians ... here is Roger Waters attacking Trump.

The following is a tiny example, but instructive ... my guess is that just "57 states so far" would have sunk any Republican as "potato" killed Dan Quayle.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Goldilocks Moon

Without the Moon, Would There Be Life on Earth? - Scientific American:

If you want to have faith in the story of evolution on earth, you need a Goldilocks moon ... not too big, not too small, just the right distance away, and appearing early in the history of the planet. Given just the right universe, you could win the lottery every time you played -- with randomness, all things are possible, it just takes A LOT of attempts ... current science thinks something around 10 400 when the number of atoms in THIS universe estimated to be 1080 in for us to be here now I'm betting that the number of required universes in the now required multiverse will rise a good deal from 400 to something more like 104000 as more things like moon effects needed for intelligent life are found.

The rather good (from a geek perspective) article has quite a lot to say about how life on earth is likely influenced heavily by our Goldilocks moon, and concludes with this:

"Still, as Bruce Lieberman, a paleobiologist at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, points out: "I suspect that eventually life would have made land without the tides. But the lineages that ultimately gave rise to humans were at first intertidal.""
 So from a POV of "science" we "know" that the evolution that created humans happened because of our moon. In the old sort of Science, there would be observations that showed how this happened and experiments you ran in order to "know" assuming the epistemological belief system you chose to accept on faith in order to see this as "fact".

In what passes for "science" these days, "there exists a story that aligns with things we can see that would allow life to get to where we are today, therefore this story must be true" ... assuming a multiverse and at least 10 400 universes, Ergo, OBVIOUS!

Only a fool would doubt such clairity.

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Friday, October 06, 2017

The Tragedy of Fake News

NBC News, come clean on Tillerson's alleged 'moron' quote | TheHill:

With my birthday being yesterday I have broken my Facebook hiatus for a couple days to honor all the birthday wishes and respond. It didn't take long for a FB tragedy to roll by, someone I am friends with on FB who was a Trump voter, moderately conservative to libertairian, gave up on Trump on the basis of this!

Naturally, the article was from CNN.

As "The Hill" article linked above covers in detail, Trump is absolutely right, this is COMPLETELY Fake News. It is created by the media finding "un-named sources", 3 in this case, to state "off the record" that they heard Tillerson call Trump a "moron". THAT is "the news" here ... everything else is the result of that "news"!  (I suggest THIS policy on "anonymous sources") Any gyration about "how mad Trump is", Tillerson wanting to resign, EVERYTHING! It is totally Fake News with no other objective than to continue to make Trump and his administration look as bad as they possibly can 24x7 until they can either get him out of office or defeat him.

As Tillerson said, what anyone that is able must do is stick to reality ... including the reality I just stated.

When asked if he called the president a "moron" (and there's a reason that word is being kept in quotes, but more on that in a moment), Tillerson replied he wouldn't respond to petty stuff like that because the allegation and language is only meant to divide.
Why is our nation divided? Well, beyond the fact that we have lost God and therefore lost the idea of the sacred ... including our Constitution,  the ideas we were founded on, our founders, etc, it is the constant bombardment of partisan Fake News. Until '87 when Reagan allowed the right to fire back, it was 100% from the left ... now it is only 80% from the left. Which naturally the left finds to be VERY "unfair".

So in the Fake News world, when they make something up and put it out as "fact", a failure to deny is a sworn statement of the veracity of the charge. For those of you not offended by crassness of the sort that you wish did not exist, but know does, I suggest you take a look at THIS ... LBJ on the subject of "getting someone to deny" ... the link is to a Democrat site that for some reason thinks the left has forgotten the "make something up, state it as fact, force them to deny it" ... or perhaps the modern left is pining away for something more "Johnsonian".

As the article put it:

For starters, we're fully expected to believe as fact that Rex Tillerson, one of the more guarded public figures around, called the president an "f-ing moron" or "moron" in public within earshot of the three sources NBC has.

We're also expected to believe as fact that all three of these nameless people kept this to themselves for almost three months before running to NBC with the story.

Tillerson, by saying the alleged comment was too petty to even address, is actually confessing to saying it. Or so we're told ...
One would think there would be no way that Trump could have even gotten elected, but the vast majority of his voters have completely turned off the 80% MSM. Facebook  and other sources increasingly become "amen corners" for the political views of the individual -- people that espouse the "wrong views" are unfriended, hidden, filtered, etc ... so eventually, everything they see supports their own views. They live in their own world where all agree ... and family events become minefields.

Some, such as myself, desire to see both sides, crave it even,  -- and have a VERY hard time not commenting when obvious MSM mind control such as this unfolds. Yes, I fully realize that my average sized finger in the dike of disaster is not going to fix anything, however as Burke said ... "when good men remain silent".

The part I realize today is that totally turning off FB for days at a time means that things like Birthdays,  grandkid pictures, etc go away as well. So, I'll adjust ... I did say that my leaving FB was a "liberal leave" ... can't we have our cake and eat it too? Would it not be better if it was free? Better yet, perhaps somone could pay me to eat my never ending supply of cake, and it would not make me fat.

Let's make a law! Perhaps we could have a team of "unbiased experts" filter all our feeds so we ONLY saw "factual truth"! We could call it "The Minstry of Truth" (or "The Fairness Doctrine")  ;-(

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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Prayer, Gun Control, Articles of Faith

Right and Left React to the Las Vegas Shooting and the Gun Control Debate - The New York Times:

I find the article interesting in that it is a rare case where the NY Times actually provides both the view from the left and right on a subject, in this case Gun Control post Los Vegas shooting.

What does the Bible have to say?
4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
Man lives by faith. True faith is faith in Christ, false faith is faith in government, human nature, science,  people around you, that there is no God (atheism), your insurance company, retirement savings, etc. Again, this is not to say that all the temporal forms of faith are always false, only that they are temporal, limited and conditional.

So in the face of tragedy, those whose primary faith is in God, PRAY, because they realize that in the long run God is ALL that counts, and in the short run, he is the one with true power.

Increasingly, those on the left reject and even malign the faith of Christians in their prayers, increaseingly making their faith in government as their "god" more expicit. They are STILL "praying", however in their case their god is government, so it goes something like this:

Our government who is in DC, Hallowed by thy name,
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
In every inch of this territory as it is in DC,
Give us this day our daily handouts, and forgive us our debts (especially the $20 trillion)
As we forgive no-one, and want to see those that disagree with us punished
and give us our pleasures, and insure we are free from seing Christianity, so we are not bothered ...

The faiths are remarkably similar on Gun Control. No Christian is going to explain to you exactly HOW God will work increased safety from gun violence, only that we recognize that we live in a nation that deserves to have such incidents 24x7 in all corners, as we have strayed from God so far as to have killed 60 million of his most innocent children since Roe V Wade (and many other examples). Christians believe it is only by the God's Grace that we don't have a Vegas shooting every day -- as a nation, we have served Satan, and yet God has spared us from reaping the full carnage we deserve.

Likewise, no advocate of "common sense gun control" is honestly going to tell you that any measure that they would suggest is actually going to stop the Los Vegas tragedy. It is just that their faith in government is total, so that "somehow" government COULD achieve such control is an article of faith  -- a total ban on guns, metal detectors and surveillance everywhere, all public and private spaces equipped with sensors to detect gunfire and dispense some knockout gas? ... there is no need for any specifics. Government can do it, if all would only put their total faith in government voluntarily or by force, so that "proper measures" could be taken.

The service that could be provided by philosophy is for at least some significant "elite" to understand that we ALL live by faith. The question is always "in what"?  In theory it would be possible for enlightened people to realize that there are two poles on which to make society move in the direction of "improvement" ... culture or control, with chaos being the result if culture is destroyed and government is not made totalitarian. I'm not holding my breath for either theology or philosophy to be re-discovered in BOistan.

The American founders cast their lot with culture, and on the scale of total control on the far left, and total chaos on the far right, they desired "slightly right of center" as the goal. They believed that a God fearing people would respect life, liberty, etc. and continue to improve the culture as the main means of there being individidual morality and thus a peaceful society.

The USSR, Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, etc chose control ... they believe(d)  that people must be heavily controlled and regimented in order for the nation to be ordered and "successful".

The elite in BOistan apparently believe that religion, respect for life, sexual morality, respect for parents, police, history, the Constitution, etc can be removed and yet "somehow" the culture will "improve" ... although they are very vague in saying what "improvement" would entail beyond "equality, diversity, removal of personal responsibility, ever larger government, etc".

Their answers increasingly are "more government" in one form or another, and in the case of guns, they are more direct in saying that means more control. While they still mostly claim that does not really mean a repeal of the 2nd amendment, more and more of their voices now point out the obvious ... that while such a prohibition of private firearms to the level that a multi-millionaire with multiple homes and owning two aircraft could not obtain them is what they want. Again, this is a matter of faith  ... "how" such a prohibition would  prevent such a man from getting them is purely left to faith. Perhaps it would not be possible in China? I'd guess it would take control more at the level of North Korea to acturally accomplish "safety" from such incidents -- but clearly it is a level of totalitarianism that would be fought in America. Would it be in BOistan?

So we live in a country where respect for human life has been destroyed by order of the SCOTUS in Roe V Wade. Respect for God,  Flag, Anthem, Elders, Founders, Military, Institutions, History, Tradition, Honor, Truth, Life,  ... really anything but personal choice, equality, diversity, tolerance ... all quite ill-defined, is for most of the population, GONE.

And so I spend my 61st birthday in BOistan. Until 2006, I had faith that America would outlive me. I am so thankful that my Faith is in Christ Jesus, not in man! My Dad is 90, perhaps I have as much as 30 years left in this vale of tears ... and eternity with Christ!

When a nation no longer respects life, why does it even mourn events like Los Vegas? If you are OK with killing the most innocent in the womb, why would you NOT applaud the slaughter of likely "deploreable" country music fans as was done by a legal VP of CBS?  Certainly if you are OK with the murder of a babe in the womb for convienience, the killing of country music fans that are largely deploreables anyway has to be seen as a positive, does it not?

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Monday, October 02, 2017

Damned Peculiar Shooting

Las Vegas Shooting -- Very, Very Strange | National Review:

We may well find that this shooting is just like what we are being told -- "lone wolf", no religious association and no political association ... the guy just "whacked out".

However, apparently he is quite wealthy, checked in on the 28th and did a LOT of prep including getting a whole bunch of ammo and 8-10 guns up to the 32nd floor. Metal detectors are pretty common in Vegas Hotels these days ... clearly either this hotel didn't have them, or the guy got around them somehow. Possibly because he was a "high roller"?

This is damned peculiar ...

It seems odd to me that the MSM would IMMEDIATELY jump to telling us NO religious or political affiliation. I mean, the guy is WHITE, fairly wealthy, lives in Nevada ... the assumption would be that he likely voted Republican, which as we know would make TRUMP responsibile for the shooting! It is standard for any white male to be suspected of being a Republican, and therefore clearly guilty of a "hate crime" until proven not to be an R beyond a shadow of a doubt. (See Gabby Giffords and a bunch of other shootings)

But not in this case. Also, while if he is just "whacked out", then certainly a Country Music crowd is as good as any other crowd, however if he has any sort of "motive" beyond crazy, then as the CBS Legal Exec helpfully pointed out, a lot of Country Music fans voted for Trump ... so they are kind of like unborn babies in the eyes of the left, and really have no right to life.

Crowds aren't exactly rare in Vegas ... if you can check in on the 28th and go berserk on the 1st, it seems like you have A LITTLE ability to select your targets.

So to just take a very tiny tour out into black helicopter land ...

I'm guessing that the Deep State isn't going to be very excited about proving that the shooter was a Pussy Hat wearing Trump hater, so we likely will never know -- it seems clear that the MSM is HIGHLY uninterested in finding a motive for this one!

Isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where a CBS Chief Counsel honestly feels that Trump voters should be butchered in cold blood while taking in a concert? REMEMBER, those are the GOOD people! See Trump and his voters are HATERS ... and deploreables, etc. I worked with a lot of lawyers at IBM ... they didn't like to say ANYTHING in writing, and even then it had "Attorney Client Privlege" stamped all over it!

BOistan is just not that nice a place.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Robomarket, It Really IS Different This Time

The Market Really Is Different This Time | Jason Zweig:

Good article on the fact that small investors are taking money OUT of the market as it rises. Why? Because millions of them have billions of dollars in "target funds" related to their retirement date. As they get older, a larger percentage of their money goes into bonds, and on top of that, every time the market rises, they become "out of balance" relative to their risk tolerance, so more money goes into bonds.

So the "suckers" this time would seem to NOT be the "little guy" as is usually the case in toppy markets.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Woke", Maybe

Why The Word 'Woke' Encapsulates An Evil, Self-Defeating Ideology:

There are a few Facebook friends I have, mostly black, who use the "woke" designation. As near as I can tell, the extent of what they mean by it is "You FULLY agree with them, you own your white privilege to the point of considering suicide, and you HATE Western civilization and all things "American" ... not only were those past folks WHITE, but they were unkind to First Americans, invented the whole idea of enslaving black people out of whole evil cloth, and STILL need to get through their ("our", meaning anyone suffering from palladness) heads that they ought to have never existed, and their offspring SURE ought not exist!

The linked column however is pretty sure "woke" is a codeword for a vast Gnostic conspiricy, which I doubt, but does have some interesting ideas to consider:

The Gnostic mind sees the entire material world as imprisoned by a dark overlord and his subordinate archons. Famous depth psychologist and self-proclaimed Gnostic Carl Jung would call these characters archetypes, explaining archetypical realities universal to the human condition. They represent the ruling cultural symbols, institutions, and systems that shackle our minds. These include everything from the economic system to traditional family systems.
One can almost hear Morpheus saying "release your mind". So what is it that "woke" means to what I believe to be the few intellectual elite in universities that actually semi-believe the gnostic gtibberish?

It’s simple: anything that’s not white, patriarchal, capitalistic, and Christian. Leftists would say they’re anti-power, anti-archon, anti-fa. But notice this is a negative, not a positive. But that, too, is the nature of Gnosticism. As long as the world is material, the womb of un-woke minds will be at work, giving rise to an endless supply of systems and institutions of power to oppose. Likewise will the end state ever remain just out of reach, dreamy, phantasmic, and utopian.
That is the fuel of the Left. To be ever against and never attain. To beat one’s fists against the nature of reality because it’s what will never be. Sad, really.

Well, those certainly are the leftists we know well.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Say Goodbye: NFL, Facebook

As I mowed the lawn this afternoon, the Billy Joel tune kept running through my mind. I was purposely doing something useful rather than even bother checking on any of the teams in that league where the players kneel for what used to be the national anthem of a great nation, yet stand for the anthem of the most imperialistic nation in the history of the world. The BOistani's are just not that into history, and BOistan needs to get a national anthem that it's historically illiterate people respect.

(BTW, I have HUGE respect for the history of England, I just know it makes America seem like a pansy in the lording it over people of color category).

 My pick right off would be this for the BOistan anthem:

When personal appetite is god, why not. I just hope there is a divorce and Iowa gets to be part of "America" (AGAIN!)! I strongly suspect that BOistan is headed for a divorce as opposed to a war ... Northeast and West Coast go to BOistan, middle gets to keep the old flag and national anthem from America, obviously BOistanis don't want it.

We don't agree on anything anymore, so why not just part ways? Illinois is bankrupt anyway ... just send the Chicago population to the coastal hell hole of their choice and bulldoze Chi-town. Once the festering boil of Chicago is gone, IL fits right into God's Country.

The Packers ruined my punchline for this tweet ...
In GB we have a street named after the man who wrote the Bill Of Rights. On…

My response was going to be "Your Bill Of Rights comments would have more weight if you could beat the Bengals" ... no matter, I have too many feeds to get them all shut off instantly. Too bad they won.

Politics corrupts EVERYTHING, and so it had to be with sport. Will I ever watch a game again? Oh, probably ... at a social event. I've never been the kind that shoots myself in the foot to make a point. My football interest was already waning given the whole Kapernick deal from last year, today just showed me how screwed up it really is. No more illusions, the TV cord has been cut here since spring and it will stay cut.

A bunch of multi-multi millionaire players and billionaire owners making "statements" by taking a knee for the flag and national anthem of what used to be a great country. Super. Certainly they "have a right", and I have a right to ignore them as much as possible.

A friend forwarded the following link to NFL arrest statistics ... the page helpfully points out that the rate is "lower than the general US rate". Most likely true ... I wonder how that would work out "income adjusted"?

Which brings me to FB.

I used to cross post my blog, but felt that it was too much "in your face" for people that didn't care about what I thought about things ... some people have trouble not clicking, and just ignoring it even if they click.  FB was more for pictures of kids, grandkids, saying happy birthday, health updates / requests for prayers, trip pics, pets, etc.

Much like football, I'm not going all holier than thou and "leaving FB", I'm just resolving to not bother to check it much. I'm not going to waste the time to try to get my feeds fixed so I don't see a bunch of crap that I no longer care about, and I'm certainly not going to try to "unfriend" or "hide" all the folks that I'm never going to remotely agree with on hardly anything except hoping they have a happy birthday, they and theirs are happy, healthy and hopefully in God's grace for as long as they stay in this vale of tears.

SO, if I miss your birthday, anniversary, or fail to "like" something that you expected me to, it is NOT "personal", it is just that the signal to noise on FB has just slipped over into the "time waster" category WAY too far ... send me a personal message. I'll nearly certainly see that since I run messenger!

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

News From Lake Goofy Be Gone

Minnesota cage match, 2017 edition (7) | Power Line:

A short review for those that live in places with sane governors and a semi-intelligent population. MN has a heavily medicated  top 1% wealth trust fund loon for a governor with a "D" next to his name, with both houses of the legislature in R hands. The governor and the legislature finally worked out a budget with fear and loathing last summer, he signed it, but "felt bad" (went on the sauce again, went off his meds ... both?), and decided to line item veto the funding for the legislature.

The legislature took it to the SCOMN saying helpfully that if the governor can zero out whole branches of government, then he could just zero out justice as well, and he would be king."

HOWEVER, 4 members of the SCOMN were appointed by Gov Goofy, so, partisanship being stronger than law these days, they dedided to "demand the parties sit down and work this out with a mediator". In MN, blackmail is supposed to net the blackmailer SOMETHING -- if they are a D of course.

For those that understand the basics of government, the JOB of the court is to INTERPRET and RULE on things like "line item veto". The court helpfully pointed out that a line item veto is a line item veto, however if it zeros out one of the branches of government it is unconstitiution" ... but never mind, we are all D's here, so "law" is secondary ... please get us off the hook so we don't have to do our jobs and do an actual ruling".

Naturally, D's around the state have pointed out that the Constitution didn't SAY that the governor could not end whole branches of government. For the un-initiated, there are LOTS of things that any law doesn't SAY ... it doesn't say that the governor may not just blow up the capitol building, or turn it into a brothel, or close 494 so he can roller skate on it, or declare the Vikings to be a ballet group -- the things that the law DOESN'T say is literally ENDLESS!

Loonistan is not however a rational state, so Governor Goofy is VERY pissed that the legislature "lied to him" ... you see, when he zeroed out their funding he expected them to be DEAD, and most of all to SHUT THE F UP! But no, after stabbing them in the back, they had the unmitigated gall to attempt to find means to stay alive!

Goofy never expected this sort of over malfesance! In a Governor Goofy action flick, when the evil bad guy with the crazy eyes (see tape of Goofy) shot the good guy in the back, the good guy would just lay there and bleed out quietly. But NO! These damned legistlators are trying to make a fight of it -- they are trying to find sources of funding and in fact HAVE found such funding so they can fight on like some crazy NY Cop in an LA high rise with no shoes and feet cut by glass!

Goofy is VERY angry about this, so  his eyes are rolling around in opposite directions and screaming TILT!!

Ah, Loonisota, where all the women are manly, the men are afraid, and children are receiving above average meds.

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Socialism, Justice and Equality To Eating Your Pets

Venezuela's Starving People Are Now Eating The Zoo Animals - The Parisians Had The German Excuse:

There ought to be quote by some famous person that goes something like "Sociaism begins with promises of justice and equality,  and ends with you eating your pets'.

If I ever become famous, there will be!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Anti-Trump Meme Apologetics

This highly reasoned meme showed up on a person's FB feed who had unfriended me long ago, but was commented on by someone who is still a "friend", so I got to see it and comment. The lefty who had unfriended me lives in a tidy world where all leftward positions are 100% truth, and anyone in disagreement is either misinformed or willfully evil. Our world is essentially juvenile -- FaceBook is so much like junior high. 

The following is my response which I thought I would capture for future reference when confronted with the "well, certainly, nobody with any intelligence could POSSIBLY support Trump at this point!". 

The simplest answer for me though is always "Henny Youngman". Who when asked "How is your wife" would say "Compared to what?". It is and always will be a Henny Youngman world of COMPARED TO WHAT! 

So how is Trump compared to ??? impeachment? Pence? Paul Ryan? An imaginary perfect president? Rocket Man? ... The entire line of reasoning is simply fallicious. Even Hillary seems to be beginning to recognize that she didn't win the election, even though she is still working to list ALL of the other people and situations responsible for that ... no doubt a list that will extend into eternity as she sits in her own space of hell working to explain how others failed her in this life. 

Anyway ... a few simple reasons for Trump, although, if you follow the links, it is "War and Peace". Enjoy. 

1). I saw 8 years of BO as the end of "America". I now live in BOistan, and 2016 was a "Russian Roulette" election for me ... absolute political death vs a good chance of political death. This is well covered here

2).Other than "deploreables", the main reason that Trump won is that Christians finally accepted that BOistan is not a Christian nation. We can't expect a Christian in the WH, but we can at least hope for representation that doesn't try to put us in jail for not celebrating gay "marriage"

3). Remotely traditional values, Christian old time independent hard working Americans have no representation in BOistan. It certainly isn't the "Republican" party as seen by their failure to repeal the main thing they lied about to gain power the past 8 years. They want to WORK, they see the state corrupting their rural values / culture as it did the inner cities since the '60s, and they see Trump as the only thin reed of hope they have.

For me, Trump is the ONLY mild alternative to steady decline that we have had since Reagan -- Reagan "resisted", Trump fights!

If anything like America is ever to be restored, it is going to be a VAST undertaking ... Buckley called the decline in "God and Man At Yale"

I'll support Trump until there is an alternative. BOistan is politically enemy territory to me -- politically blowing it up is eminently preferable to seeing a lawless, amoral, secular humanist, financially bankrupt, ever more intrusive state increasingly become incapable of even understanding what it was that made it so.

The tribes that make up BOistan are now so far apart that communication is increasingly impossible, thus we have "memes", which are just extended name calling in pictures. My guess is that this impasse ends in "divorce" vs "civil war" ... I don't see either side "winning", and I very much doubt that either side really cares enough for an actual war. 

Adams said it best ... America was only possible with shared religious values, when we lost those, we lost America.

1). I saw 8 years of BO as the end of "America". I now live in BOistan, and 2016 was a "Russian Roulette" election for me ... absolute political death vs a good chance of political death. This is well covered here

2).Other than "deploreables", the main reason that Trump won is that Christians finally accepted that BOistan is not a Christian nation. We can't expect a Christian in the WH, but we can at least hope for representation that doesn't try to put us in jail for not celebrating gay "marriage"

3). Remotely traditional values, Christian old time independent hard working Americans have no representation in BOistan. It certainly isn't the "Republican" party as seen by their failure to repeal the main thing they lied about to gain power the past 8 years. They want to WORK, they see the state corrupting their rural values / culture as it did the inner cities since the '60s, and they see Trump as the only thin reed of hope they have.

For me, Trump is the ONLY mild alternative to steady decline that we have had since Reagan -- Reagan "resisted", Trump fights!

If anything like America is ever to be restored, it is going to be a VAST undertaking ... Buckley called the decline in "God and Man At Yale"

I'll support Trump until there is an alternative. BOistan is enemy territory to me -- blowing it up is eminently preferable to seeing a lawless, amoral, secular humanist, financially bankrupt, ever more intrusive state increasingly become incapable of even understanding what it is that made it so.

The tribes that make up BOistan are now so far apart that communication is increasingly impossible, thus we have "memes", which are just extended name calling in pictures. My guess is that this impasse ends in "divorce" vs "civil war" ... I don't see either side "winning", and I very much doubt that either side really cares enough for an actual war. 

Adams said it best ... America was only possible with shared religious values, when we lost those, we lost America.