Wednesday, January 04, 2017

BO Russian Tantrum, I Like Russia

I'm sure Russia doesn't have our best interests in mind, but at least they have THEIR OWN best interests in mind!

BO may have is own best interests in  mind AFIK, but I haver never thought he gave a rats ass about "US interests", and in fact, was anti-American his whole life.

The linked PL is all good -- if there was no good reason to do sanctions when the WH or State Department were hacked by probably the "same guys" -- maybe "Russian", maybe "Eastern European ", but doubtfully in the employ of the Russian government, then why in God's green earth do them now?

I think the Russian source has it right -- Bad for the US, bad for Trump, ergo, good for BO.

We think that such steps by a U.S. administration that has three weeks left to work are aimed at two things: to further harm Russian-American ties, which are at a low point as it is, as well as, obviously, to deal a blow to the foreign policy plans of the incoming administration of the president-elect.

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