Thursday, January 05, 2017

Democratic, Jewish, Antisemitic

In one of the worlds most meaningless 75 minute speeches, Lurch Kerry said that "Israel can't be both Democratic and Jewish".

As the linked article points out, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and others purport to be "Islamic democracies", but we also all know the problem with that.

Implicitly, of course, if Kerry is saying that a country with a Muslim minority cannot maintain its Jewish character and still abide by democratic principles, then neither can the United States maintain its Judeo-Christian character and still abide by democratic principles — notwithstanding that our Judeo-Christian character is the basis for our belief in the equal dignity of all men and women, a foundational democratic principle. It is a principle one does not find in classical Islam, the law of which explicitly elevates Muslims over non-Muslims and men over women.

Islam does not allow for democracy. It is a religion that REQUIRES that adherents seek an Islamic State and Sharia Law.

Pretty much all the European countries have a Christian state church, and I doubt Kerry would declare Italy, Germany or Britain to not be "democratic". He also calls many Islamic states "democracies", so what conclusion can we draw from his remarks other than the only people that can't do democracy with a state religion are Jews?

Does antisemitism need to make itself any plainer?

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