Friday, January 06, 2017

Ft Lauderdale, Nobodys Team Won

Five killed in Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, suspect in custody - The Washington Post:

This one will be gone in a couple of days. Ex military Hispanic with likely "mental illness issues" randomly decides to kill people in a baggage claim area in Ft Lauderdale. The dead are real people, but they might as well be some of the 762 murders in Chicago of the  million or so  murdered in their mothers wombs -- nobody cares.

Had they been Islamic, myself and other "righties" would be outraged, but it would go away quickly.

Had they been "Trump supporter, NRA, Right Wing, etc", then "the other team" ... "The Party" and it's media arm would make the ballistics of the firearm used look tame as they took us to high dungeon and pounded on whatever connection they could find or manufacture.

But as it is, so what.

Can it be otherwise? People die, sometimes violently. We are beyond caring unless it is VERY special --  as in they are a celebrity, a cop kills them and they are a minority, or of course they are someone we know or love.  Perhaps that is as it should be -- unless someone we know well or even love dies, should we really care unless it is some especially loved tragic leader death -- Lincoln, FDR, Churchill ...  maybe JFK.

For thousands of years, people died all the time ... children, mothers in childbirth, kids with an infection, adults with an infection ... the average like expectancy was like "40". Death was a constant for this "vale of tears" -- eternity was at our elbow.

It still is -- a couple of decades next to eternity are meaningless, but TP and Satan would like to convince you that they are a VERY big deal! Just THINK of the impact of you dying at 50 vs 100 1,000 years from now! Or 10,000 ... a million years into eternity? 100 billion? Just a blip against eternity!

Nobody's team "won" this time though ... never mind, and be sure not to think about all this very much! Neither TP nor Satan likes very much in the way of thought on much of anything thank your very much! They will be MORE than happy to do any thinking required for you, and you can be completely assured that they will do it "correctly"!!

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