Saturday, January 07, 2017

Guide To Contesting The Presidency

R.I.P. to the many procedural efforts to stop Donald Trump - The Washington Post:

I include this fine article mostly for future reference, but also to bring back fond rememberances of 2008-2009 when Rush Limbaugh was one of the few voices saying he wanted BO's POLICIES to fail ... because he thought they were bad for America, but that was beside the point then ... it was AWFUL that he would feel that way, and basically proved he was a "racist".

Naturally, this time it is no problem to find all sorts of pundits, prognosticators and politcianls working feverishly to destroy Trump before he ever takes office! It is even BIPARTISAN, Saints be praised -- the two party system has finally found something they can agree on, they hate Trump! Talke about unity!

In any case, the linked article gives a litany of all the avenues that have been tried so far to manage to overturn the election before he even takes office -- a useful guide for the future, so nobody talks about how the opposition to some future Democrat is "unprecedented"!

I'm guessing that will be a bisexual transgender "something" felon, lawfully married to their goat, which some nasty traditionalist Republicans will consider "unqualified" just because they are "a little different". It is always the "reactionaries" that are so damned obstructionist!

It will really take some creativity to try to find some new way to prevent an elected president from taking office!

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