Monday, January 16, 2017

How TP Weaves False Narratives

Justice Department Inspector General’s James Comey Investigation to Delegitimize Trump | National Review:

There are two possible stories -- one of them simple, but false, the other more complex but quite obviously true.

1). Comey and "Russian Hackers" torpedoed Hillary and gave the election to Trump.

2). Hillary and her party were extensively corrupt and criminally careless, but BO and company "ran cover", jerking Comey around, giving him pieces of this and that, denying him others, all the while certain that Hillary was going to win, so none of this would matter.

The Inspector Generals investigation of COMEY, as well as the related investigation of "Russian Hacking" are nothing but misinformation campaigns designed to de-legitimize Trump's election.

The only hope here is that a large enough segment of the US population TRUELY has correctly decided that TP and the MSM are one entity, united in bullshit, and they aren't going to bother to listen to them.

The article is long, but it does explain it pretty well if you want to understand the sordid details.

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