Sunday, January 15, 2017

Low Information Protestors Agree With Marx (Groucho)

Whoever Puzder is, they’re against him | Power Line:

Why is it hard for the right to understand the left and vice versa? Well, for one reason, because at least the left doesn't understand itself. They do however know "they're against it".

Most people on the right have never thought protesting much of anything was worthwhile. The closest that I've come to it personally is going up to the MN State Capitol to voice displeasure to state legislators as they attempted some new gun grabs.

The two videos in the linked are well worth looking at. For the left, getting out and protesting against somebody that you have no clue about is worth your time -- which likely means your time isn't worth very much. Most of them would likely have some identification with Marx, and as the second clip shows, on that they would be correct -- it is just that their "philosophy" seems to align more with Groucho than with Karl.

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