Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pathetic or Frightening, A Tough MSM Question.

Donald Trump’s First, Alarming Week as President-Elect - The New Yorker:

As an avid MPR listener, I'm always impressed by their balanced and diverse coverage of the the left and the far left. It reminds me of the eclectic tastes of Bob's Country Bunker in "The Blues Brothers":

Trump has already increased the entertainment value of National Liberal Radio enough that if I wasn't required already to pay for through my taxes and and MN sales CONSTITUTIONAL sales tax, it might be worth paying for!

Why each day gives me a chance to hear them right next to tears and HORRIBLY worried about how we will all survive under this disaster of Trump! It is sweeter still, since I remember this time after the election of BO, they were having a hard time figuring out if he was going to be more like Washington, Lincoln or FDR, or quite possibly as good as 10x all three of them rolled into one.

Turns out, like Jimmuh Carter that gave us Ronald Reagan, BO's only accomplishment turned out to be the election of Trump! It just took him two terms rather than one, so maybe Carter wins there.

Anyway, the New Yorker, WaPo, NY Times, NBC, ABC, etc are pretty much in the same boat. Glum, despondent, afraid, angry, confused, apocolyptic, depressed, outraged, incredulous -- it is just such a joy to listen to them and read what they have to say. It reminds me of the midnight dessert buffet on a Cruise Ship!

This is just a lovely turn of phrase:

Some saw the tweet as self-pitying and pathetic. Others saw it as a frightening attack on the First Amendment by the man who will soon swear to defend the Constitution.
When you write something like that AND PUBLISH IT, without any thought that you MAY not quite be aligned with even much of the country, you might be "in a bubble"! Some people saw it is "self-pitying and pathetic", others saw it as a "frightening attack", end of story, all bases covered.

I really didn't find the tweets to be a good thing, yet it becomes increasingly obvious they are genius. Just how stupid does the New Yorker look to anyone not made insane by the election of Trump? And if you are insane, then what really matters?

God, I do love it, I love the smell of burnt liberal press in the morning! It smells like .... VICTORY!

In looking around for the Apocalypse YouTubes, I ran into this. OMG! People, if you can't get a clue, GET A LIFE!

Perhaps this would make them feel better as the inauguration theme music?
Romeo Foxtrot, Shall we dance? !

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