Sunday, January 22, 2017

Punching Labels, Attacking Kids

Attack on Alt-Right Leader Has Internet Asking: Is It O.K. to Punch a Nazi? - The New York Times:

The NY Times is all "just the facts you decide" on a physical attack of a Trump supporter during an interview. They usually aren't much for that sort of angle -- rather preferring to tell their readers exactly what to think. We can be pretty sure that they are just not QUITE ready to say directly "violence against Trump and his supporters is A - OK".

Their headline proudly proclaims that Richard Spencer is a Nazi -- he might be nationalist, not clear at all he is socialist.

The weekend also brought attacks on Trump's 10 year old son ... which got a lot of support from the left that there will be no quarter given to the evil Trump.

Will it escalate? It is hard to see what "The Party" (TP-D) position on this really is. Ever since the election there has been a sense that riots, looting, violence, etc are at least "understandable".

The rather tepid "Tea Party" opposition that arose around tax day in '09 was quickly labeled strongly as "racist, unhinged, un-American, etc. BO was just too good to oppose!

The left is still on the "no opposition will be allowed" path. How much farther will they push it?

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