Friday, January 06, 2017

Russians Celebrated Obama Victory

We absolutely know that Russians celebrated Obama's victory because Pravda said so  (and Pravda is "truth", like the NY Times here) -- we really didn't need spy agencies to tell us.

The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Gennady Zyuganov, welcomed Barack Obama’s victory. “His election is the choice of the younger, and the modern America which has been totally disappointed in the politics of George W. Bush.
Naturally, since "The Party" (TP-D) is all about inversion, what is "good" when they take power is BAD when Republicans take power. Oh, why was it that Rusasians celebrated BO coming to power?

All Republican presidents have always defended national interests, ignoring the interests of other countries of the world. The new US president cannot but understand that it is impossible to seek and find answers to many global issues without the participation of such a great country as Russia,” the leader of Russian communists said.
If we listen to what the press says MOST of the time about Trump, we would get the distinct impression that he is a strong nationalist that puts US interests ahead of those of other countries in the world -- from their perspective, "ignoring" them, and therefore "bad".

From the POV of TP, the US is NOT "exceptional", and a US president ought to be willing to consider the interests of other states as being more important than those of the US -- except of course if the "interests" that were damaged are those of TP power which is the ONLY thing of ULTIMATE importance to TP!

Therefore, the Russians applauding BO in '08 was wonderful, now many of the same ones applauding (like Putin)  "proves" that they wanted Trump, thus BAD! BO and Hillary were VERY clear that they wanted to work more closely with Russia, and thus did the "Russian Reset" (overload). 2008-09 was a regular love in.

This may be the most transparent case of political power politics and manipluation of the sheeple being  transparently seen as being the ONLY interest of TP and their US media subsidiary. What is a nothingburger in October becomes a supposed "national security issue" in December and the Sheeple mostly bleat away not able to remember October, let alone 2008.

One point, before getting to the Post’s story. It isn’t hard to see what is going on here: Democrats in the intelligence agencies prepared a report for President Obama. The report was immediately leaked by Democrats in the Obama administration (or else Democrats in the intelligence agencies) to Democrats at the Washington Post, so they could slant the story to influence those who will never actually see the report. The purpose of this charade is not to inform President Obama (still less, President-Elect Trump). It is, rather, to advance Democratic Party narratives and undermine the legitimacy of the Trump administration.
Yes, there in a nutshell we have the sum total purpose of the  MSM ... to advance TP power while defeating their opposition!

We knew this already, but it is important to see it exposed so blatantly.

One might think that such an evil regieme as the Russians could not be trusted to provide us the illusion of being a spacefaring nation -- somehow, I suspect the charade stops at that point.

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