Thursday, January 05, 2017

Statistically Showing Satan

To readers of this blog, there is nothing surprising in this polling other than the US is STILL exceptional on a set of key measures relative to "wealthy nations".

  1. Belief in personal control of our lives. 
  2. Belief in importance of hard work. 
  3. Belief in God
  4. Happiness 
I assume that my readers would be surprised because I'm surprised we have not slipped farther. I like to consider myself a "realist", but there is no doubt I err on the pessimist side of reality. We certainly ARE slipping on all these elements, but I would have thought we would have slipped to the point of near alignment with Germany, UK, Canada,  etc, but in general we have not. 

I was gratified to see how close the UK and US were on individualism -- Brexit? 

There is no doubt that the last 8 years have been a strong effort to stamp out all of the top 3 above, and to make us more like Europe. The charts are worth going to look at. Science tells us that believing that what we individually do makes a difference (1),  being dedicated to it (2), and belief in a benevolent universe (3), leads to happiness (4). 

We know those things to be true, yet "progressivism" wants to remove personal control, punish hard work, and remove God --- which leads to China, Russia, Germany, UK, Canada ... roughly 20% happy vs over 50% in the US. 

I believe in God and Satan. What we see here is a definite inversion, bad being willfully substituted for good -- we know what creates lives worth living from both science and ancient wisdom, yet we have a large political contingent dedicated to making lives LESS meaningful and happy!

All of us inherently know what is right, history has shown us what is right,  our science shows us what is right -- and yet, a significant number of people persist in working to create a society that is LESS happy, healthy and productive.

If there is no force of evil in the world, why would this be so? 

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