Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Streep, The Standard Fake News

White House defends Meryl Streep's anti-Trump speech | TheHill:

The left got pretty excited about some "Fake News" (FN) stories from the right for the same reason that the government prosecutes crime -- they hate the competion.

This week shows us that we are back into the regular FN cycle. First of all "The Golden Globes".

A buddy and I working out at the local health club were asking each other what they heck they even are ... we knew they were an awards show for the entertainment types of some sort, but we didn't know. We suspected that they might be for women who were well endowed. Had to look them up, it appears that they are sort of the "Junior Oscars" where TV gets a award as well. "newsworthy" in the sense that People magazine and TV Guide are "news".

What we see though is the symbiotic relationship between entertainment and the media arm of "The Party" (TP-D). It would take 50 to 100 years of Republicans being dominant in order for a return to anything like "cultural equality". The entire federal bureaucracy, 80% of the media and academia are under total TP domination. Mere elections don't change that as the Streep FN incident shows.

I covered the manufactured story of "Trump mimics disabled reporter" before. I think the article linked from there does a good job of debunking that claim, but even if he did drop into mimicry as his opposition does of him all the time, or the left does constantly for the poor slobs who live in "fly over country", greater and lesser things have happened. Hillary mocked dogs, and if I was a dog lover, I'd be REALLY pissed about that! BO talked of "Special Olympics Bowling" ... as I covered in the Trump mimic link ... when you are TP,  apology always accepted, when you are not, don't misspell "potato'.

For the easily led, just create a negative narrative for the opposition, and historically it has been OVER. Trump has broken that mold -- perhaps we are in a new era where the stranglehold of TP and the MSM is weakened, or more likely Trump is just an exception, in either case it is fun to watch.

I do love the selective outrage -- Streep thought a child rapist was worth of a standing ovation. What a marvelous "moral sensibility"!

Let's face it, it will take a LONG time to get the Sheeple to even consider that thinking for themselves might be worth a shot!

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