Monday, January 02, 2017

The BO Political Corpse Stinks Too

The whole linked article is a worthy read. BO is clearly having a 2 year old level temper tantrum, or something more serious, as they say in the article at one point.

Tom Lipscomb had a stronger characterization: “Never in the diplomatic history of the United States have 35 members of any diplomatic mission been sent home while our nations were not at war. Obama is clearly insane. There was no consultation with any other branch of the government on this, I would have him interned in Hawaii pending mental examination and swear in Biden for the duration.”
Watching the MSM weathervane twist between Trump and BO is the greatest lesson in my lifetime of media duplicity and mendacity in action. Taking the level of action that BO has taken on Russia for ANY situation short of war is unprecedented in history! Yet the MSM generally applauds like the lapdogs that they are. I think Iowa Hawk covered the "hacking" very well here:

John Podesta, like 100% of everyone who has ever had a email account, received a password phishing email. He fell for it. 
According to some accounts, the phishing email had Russian fingerprints/characteristics in its metadata. 
Whatever the case, the password purloiners downloaded his emails, which eventually got into the hands of Wikileaks, who made them public. 
The emails were mildly embarrassing, revealing frequent circle jerking between the DNC and journalists. Mostly embarrassing to media. 
At the time of their release (Oct) they were hardly covered by any media, and largely dismissed as a big fat nothingburger. 
Not one of the people whose emails were revealed has ever disputed their authenticity or provenance. 
Fast forward to December. The October nothingburger has now magically transformed into “vote hacking” and “election hacking.” 
New narrative: treasonous Trump operatives conspired with Putin to hypnotically mesmerize Clinton voters into pulling the wrong lever. 
This is not Alex Jones or angry conspiracy kook Facebook uncles, it’s the NYTs, the WaPo, our beloved State Radio. 
How effective has this been? If polls are to be believed, 50%+ of Democrats believe the Russians literally modified vote tallies.

Meanwhile, pretty much any Trump action -- including ditching reporters to go out for dinner or play a round of golf is highly suspect and serious offence. The level of bias is as comic as watching football fans or a team complain of "pass interference" calls. Against their defense? "He never touched them!!!". A failure to call against the other team "He was all over him, it was a blatant mugging!"!!!

2016 is certainly the year the MSM completely jumped the shark and made no bones about being all-in for Hillary. It has been obvious for a good long while that the MSM is the equiivalent of what Pravda was in the old USSR -- "The Party Mouthpiece".

The whole column is a worthy read -- especially the Putin response to the BO provocation. Statesmanship vs a childish tantrum. Good contrast.

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