Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The BO Scandal Litany

Obama’s Many Scandals: Abuse of Government Power Worse Than Sex Scandals | National Review:

As the end of the stench comes blessedly closer, NR reviews the scandal list. My comments are:
  1. The WORST scandal is that this was the presidency in which the MSM and "The Party' (TP-D) ... but I repeat myself, went "all in". They utterly didn't care about long list of scandals of BO -- they were BO's "plumbers", always busy on the coverup.
  2. The BO scandals turned the corner where TP under the direction of BO routinely used the power of the government against their poltical opponents -- IRS being a large one in that column, but there were others. Nixon WANTED to use the IRS against his enemies, BO was able to.
  3. In the case of Begnhazi, people died and it was STILL not of any concern to the MSM.
The article is worthy but a bit long. I wanted to have it int he blog for future reference. 

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