Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Liberal 8-Year Moral Coma Ends

Articles: Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma:

Pretty much all well covered ground relative to this blog, but it is good for me to see that I'm not completely the lone voice from time to time.

Suddenly, after eight years in which their secret mantra seems to have been “Make America Hate Again,” they protest that the notion of stopping their immoral destruction of our country is itself immoral and hateful. Many of us have noticed that the damage they forecast, the shredding of our national fabric, has been well underway for eight years, and that their unhinged reaction to being stopped from finishing the job is far more morally disgusting than anything Donald Trump could do to make us the United States again.
"Morality" used to have something to do with transcendent values that were thousands of years old, however left wing "morality" is whatever situationally provides more power to "The Party" (TP-D). Thus, deviant sex practices, strange/imaginary "genders", dependence, celebration of tiny minorities combined with lack of ever tolerance for large majorities and attacks on the few remaining institutions with any remaining respect (police) were put in the place of actual morality.

The column is worth a read ... he has a different voice saying much of what I have said many times, but naturally in a somewhat different way. He closes with the following, I much agree we have A LOT to be done, and the "lectures" will be the least of the problems. The entire BOistan media, bureaucracy, educational and legal systems are already working to destroy Trump before he even takes office. It's going to be a nasty war.

There is much work to be done, but we needn’t pause to consider lectures on morality from amoral people. Those who are still Americans will rebuild what was wrecked by those who have become something else. While we do so, we would be wise to remember that those who are transitioning from Americans to “something else” are determined to finish the job. If given another chance, they will happily force us to live in their corrupt, coercive Orwellian zoo. They won’t rest until they control everything, and we are compelled to do whatever they want, for whatever reason they say. That is, they won’t rest until we are no longer free people living in the United States, but rather are just a means of funding the overthrow of a country designed to prevent the corruption and tyranny they showed us for eight long, morality-free years.

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