Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Skidmark Stops Here

Tonight, the Sun Sets on the Obama Administration for the Last Time | National Review:

Male or female, we have all experienced the noxious skidmark on the skivies. Our national skidmark ends tomorrow, saints be praised!

We didn't end up eating roasted rat as I suspected we would -- Gods mercy is indeed beyond measure. BOistan is a failed state wholly undeserving of that mercy -- yet as evidenced by Christ, Gods mercy flows to the totally undeserving. Praise be to God!

We know that the stench of BO will linger -- but it's power has received a major freshening blast. Can the noxious stench ever be removed? Through God all things are possible!

Will Trump be an improvement? I really have no idea -- he will be DIFFERENT, and that is to be praised at this low point!

In the old military saw, the good news is that everyone is getting a change of underware. The bad news is that you change with the person on your left.

At worst we just pick up a new skidmark. Given the past 8 yars, that is wonderfully positive news!

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