Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Trump Dossier

Today in "news of the surreal", the "Trump Dossier". Yesterday on MPR, this was all the big deal ... "unprecedented". Indeed., Unprecedented in former Constitutional Republics -- totally common in backwater third world banand republics.

"For at least five years"—in other words, starting no later than 2011, Vladimir Putin believed that the host of "The Apprentice" was the linchpin holding together NATO. You see, Putin has special insight not only into Trump but also the American electorate. Unlike most every other expert who handicapped the 2016 elections, and gave Trump zero chance of victory, Putin knew Trump would win—and he knew it five years ago.
If Putin is truly that smart, I hope he DOES have a very close relation with "The Donald" (TD) and gives him advice. We could use A LOT of help from someone that smart.

Imagine, FIVE YEARS AGO! Why in that dim and distant piece of hitory, "The 1980's called for their foreign policy"

AND, BO was promising  those Russion friends "more flexibility after the election"!

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