Sunday, February 05, 2017

DeVos, Sowell, Saving Children

Education at a Crossroads - Thomas Sowell:

Two of the worst features of humanity are how limited our brains are in general, and how parochial our interests which drive our use of our limited wetware tend to be -- often just "me, me, me", or "hurray for my team"!

Thomas Sowell is less limited -- he is a genius with a practical heart that rivals his intellect. Having been born in inner city poverty, being bull headed enough to remain a Marxist even while studying under Milton Friedman, and then being converted to free market capitalism by his experience of being a government bureaucrat for awhile, his wisdom is invaluable.

Just go and read it. The plight of our inner city youth is dire unto death -- 5K or more killing each other each year with guns, on top of massive drug abuse, rampant crime and incarceration. The decrepit inner city schools stocked with union drone teachers steeped in the doctrine of low expectations assist in keeping largely minority youth enslaved in "The Party" (TP-D) and it's noxious doctrine of dependency for life.

 Indeed, the teachers unions themselves are an integral part of the TP machine which provides huge dollars and ground troops to TP, while TP provides them with no standards in the classroom and as much income and benefits as can possibly be generated for the teachers, and worse, the ever more bloated public education administration apparatus. The relationship is a study in the corruption of socialism and bureaucracy (but I repeat myself), with the destruction of the inner city blacks since the '60's, while indoctrinating them as vote slaves that vote over 90% for TP.

Naturally TP must fight DeVos with all they have -- and as we have seen over the years, when it comes right down to the core of the choice of "big government" vs for over simplification purposes "returning to America from BOistan",  "Republican" is a very weak brand.  The alleged party of small government has been heavily corrupted by participation at the the trough of big government.

America will never return unless the strangle hold of left-wing indoctrination of our children is broken. Pray that the battle finally turns here.

An opportunity has arisen -- belatedly -- that may not come again in this generation. That is an opportunity to greatly expand the kinds of schools that have successfully educated, to a high level, inner-city youngsters whom the great bulk of public schools fail to educate to even minimally adequate levels

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