Friday, February 03, 2017

HD Runs, Their Bikes Don't ... Indian Opportunity?

Did planned protests scuttle Trump visit to Milwaukee's Harley-Davidson? - Chicago Tribune:

It seems pretty clear that somebody whimped out here -- might have been HD, might have been Trump. Marketing in the bike segment tends to be a bit smash mouth. "Truth in marketing" is often an oxymoron. Wussing out isn't a well received biker value.

So how about Indian invites Trump to Spirit Lake IA, another state that flipped to play a little hardball?

I've got nothing against HD, still own one in fact. Their reliability has radically improved, but as also being a Gold Wing owner, it hasn't got like "stellar".

I'd be VERY tempted to drive down to try to pump up the crowd if the "The Donald" (I'm thinking "TD" for his nickname on the blog) would bring the big jet to IA. Sounds like a hell of a PR opportunity to me!

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