Saturday, February 04, 2017

"The Resistance", Political Autoimmune Disease (PAD)

America was exceptional because of limited government. BOistan is quasi-European because of UNlimited government.

"The Party" (TP-D) was very certain that "demographics was destiny", so no Republican would ever occupy the White House in BOistan. They were nearly as certain that they would also re-take the Senate.

One of the persistent myths of BOistan is that "Republicans obstructed BO on day 1", with a Mitch McConnell statement from 2010 used as "evidence" of that. (when you are a Democrat, "fake news" is pretty much your "gospel").

Thus, we have an all out attack on Trump from even prior to his being inaugurated that keeps rolling along now that he is in office. We have the people that created UNlimited government protesting the elected government, thus the term PAD (Political Autoimmune Disease).

As in living bodies, having your system attack your system is not a recipe for health, and is one of the chief reasons why unlimited governments tend to become totalitarian sooner rather than later. When government is limited, the transfer of government power is honored as part of the contract of being a Constitutional Republic rather than a "democracy" with mob rule. Kind of like running your body temp up to 106, the last line of defense here is the 2nd ammendment -- might be hot, but it can add color.

BOistan is a lawless tribal state, so there is no understanding of governance, law, or even basic decency. Rioting to prevent speech at a university is seen as completely acceptable,  even by the founder of BOistan -- BO himself.

One of the joys of America was that even cretins like Slick Willie who stained the office of president, followed enough decorum to shut their noxious pie holes after citizens had been subjected to their vacuous lying rhetoric for 8 years. In this life, even the damned deserve a little respite! BOistan has no decorum, so even this drop of water on the tounge is denied.

Finally, as The Resistance organized itself and pushed on multiple fronts, a new supporter spoke up to encourage the protesters — former President Barack Obama, who managed to stay out of his successor's affairs for all of 11 days.

So Slick successfully removed the requirement for character in a president and TP cheered. BO established the new low bar of no requirement for having ever led anything in order to have the highest leadership position in the land. He then ignored the Constitution, the separation of powers, and used the IRS and other government agencies against his political "enemies". TP swooned.

Now TP is all about making sure that elections are no longer honored, and "resistance" is somehow "patriotic" (or just "an appropriate tantrum") when mere "opposition" 8 years ago was "racist".

The key here is the meaning of "no rules" -- as Pat Buchanan once said, "lock and load". Cammo and John Deere hats vs pussy hats and vagina outfits? I guess if that is what it takes, bring it on.

I kinda liked America, but it looks like there will be no return without using up a bunch of ammo sooner or later.

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