Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Trump The Warmonger

Yemen Raid: Questions Swirl About Trump's First Military Operation : Parallels : NPR:

Executive orders are now a TERRIBLE thing ... when they were WONDERFUL just a few months ago. What changed?

Protests are now hugely to be applauded. Remember when the rather mild Tea Party gatherings in '09 were "chiling and racist"?

Oh, miliary casualties? Back on the front page. More soldiers died in Afghanistan under BO than under W, but one would be hard pressed to know that from reporting. What happened to the anti-war movement that was only operating under "conscience"? Crickets ... perhaps it was more politics than conscience?

The first serviceman died under Trump a couple weeks ago  -- big news on NPR, they even had the heartwarming story of family and friends from his hometown. Totally predictable. This is the way i think it ought to always be -- service lives lost with a Democrat in power are every bit as precious as those lost with a Republican in the Whitehouse. If your son or daughter dies under a Democrat president, that sacrifice is every bit as worthy and heart rending as if an awful Republican orders them to their death.

That isn't what it is about though. Obama spent more on war than Bush did according the the liberal Atlantic:

Over the course of his presidency, though, the U.S. military will have allocated more money to war-related initiatives than it did under Bush: $866 billion under Obama compared with $811 billion under Bush.

Again, this is not a story that the left wants published, so it only shows up in the middle of obsture articles. The cost of the "Bush wars" is often listed in the trillions ... naturally BO bears no responsibility for what happened on his watch.

The adversarial press is definitely back. It is a shame they don't realize that the reason they are supposed to exist is to counterbalance BOTH SIDES! Partisan opposition is just partisan opposition, not fullfilling what was once supposed to be the reason for having an "independent" press!

If you want to go into more depth on how special forces raids are planned and carried out, this is a good article. If you don't believe that this would have happened just as it did if Hillary had been taking over and that the news in the press would have been "muted to none", well then you are not a reality based person.

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