Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why Three Political Branches?

Ninth Circuit’s Donald Trump Travel Ban Ruling Is Dangerous | National Review:

Why does BOistan need 3 political government branches?

The old United States had a judicial branch that interpreted written law that was either:

A. Based on the Constitution

B. Created by legislature and possibly being tested for Constitutionality.

It was above politics.

The 9th circuit is certainly a pure political play, and the SCOTUS is very much the same -- "Scalia seat", 4 liberal, 4 conservative judges, etc.

I got to spend some time listening to NPR today and it was very clear that "they won" and "Trump lost" -- hooray, hooray.

Constitution? Law? Who cares. THEY WON!

No doubt if Trump manages to stock the federal court system with "conservatives", and the next president is left wing, they will ignore court rulings like BO did with losing the court case on spending funds on BOcare even though not appropriated by congress.

Apparently even Trump lacks enough of a lawless streak to willfully ignore even just a court -- let alone the clear statement of the Constitution ( CONGRESS shall appropriate) AND court rulings!

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