Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Little Scott Adams Background

How Dilbert’s Scott Adams Got Hypnotized by Trump - Bloomberg:

Pay no attention to the title -- Bloomberg hates Trump, so if someone supports Trump, then SOMETHING happened to them ... "hypnotized" is as good as anything. The article doesn't tell you where Adams is "clearly wrong" -- you are supposed to know he is wrong, HE SUPPORTS TRUMP!

It sounds like Adams is pretty much an amoral wealthy eccentric that believes in "skills portfolios" vs having a single world class skill. He happened to predict Trump's victory ahead of everyone else -- which could well be dumb luck apropos of nothing. However, listening to people who make CORRECT predictions once in awhile vs listening to the MSM which made WRONG predictions doesn't seem completely insane to me.

Obviously the author of the article feels that the pieces that add up to Scott Adams are "bad", because they somehow enable him to approve of Trump ... which is clearly beyond the pale.

Not a bad read if you have any interest in Adams or Dilbert.

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