Sunday, March 26, 2017

BO Investigating Political Opponents

Did Obama Abuse Raw Intelligence? - WSJ:

Anyone that read BO's book "Dreams" and has ANY level of "trust" for him beyond his assurance that he was dedicated to destroying "the Colonial Powers" is not reality based. We have been totally screwed for 8 years, and the evidence is that the screwing is going to go on until multiple people from BO's administration and maybe the Clintons as well, go to jail!

My greatest concern—the one that keeps me awake at night—is that the awesome powers of our intelligence community might have been corrupted for political purposes. While we’re not witnessing broad, Stasi-style surveillance of citizens, it’s clear there have been serious errors of judgment and action among our otherwise professional intelligence community. This is truly scary. We have to learn the entire truth before anyone, in or out of Congress, can again have confidence in our intelligence community.

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