Sunday, March 05, 2017

Climate Change, Insanity, Why We Fight

Tucker Carlson & Bill Nye Debate Climate Change | National Review:

Attempting to watch the video is insanity inducing. Bill Nye assumes the the position of the Oracle of Delphi to present wisdom from on high to Tucker Carlson. The "oracle", like the "GOREacle" before him is clueless. ALL of the "rate of change" is caused by humans. HUH?

In simple terms, the "rate of change" is the slope of the graph showing warming / cooling / speed / etc. So Carlson asks an obvious question ... "If I grant you that it is settled science that climate is changing, what % of that change is human caused?". If it is "settled", then it is an easy question ... 20% is due to natural causes, 80% is due to humans, etc.

NR likes this a lot better than I do, it is a classic of "let's shout over each other" -- the reason I gave up the "shout shows". As we sat in Ole's in Paxon last night having a wondrous bone-in ribeye, I noticed all the TVs tuned to Fox or CNN.Proof that we now live in BOistan. Politics? It's something that ought to be done in closed smoke filled rooms and STRICTLY limited! Let them screw up 15% of the economy but NO MORE!  (it is like 35% today) Just keep it out of sight and don't scare the horses.

Because government is no longer limited, it is ALL about government all the time. EVERYTHING becomes a "political fight" because the State BECAME the Church -- there is no "separation" for 50% of the country because they believe there is no god, long live the state as god!

The old rule used to be "don't talk about religion or politics", now politics IS the religion of nearly half our population, and EVERYTHING is political!

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