Saturday, March 04, 2017

Documenting Democrats

Governor Goofy wants to add MN to the 12 states that document Undocumented Democrats for at least driving. Naturally, requiring ANY id for voting is still not to be required, so this is just to make it easier for them to get welfare, healthcare, housing, education, cable tv, cell phones, mail packages, etc.

He wanted the same thing last year, but he may well have forgotten that.

"It's very distressing that they would try to make a political case out of this," Dayton said. "If they'd acted last year as I suggested in the legislative session this would all be resolved and we'd be underway. So, this is entirely their creation and any delays that are occurring now are entirely their responsibility."
I'm sure many and various things are both distressing and not distressing to Gov Goofy -- pretty much dependent on the dosage / content of his meds, the phase of the moon, and any voices or visions flowing through his head.  Politics in government! The horror!

It will be interesting to see if they can manage to get anything worked out that allows the Undocumented Democrats to improve their standing even more, while still allow actual Minnesotans to get on airplanes and such.

My thought is that the Undocumented Democrats (maybe ALL Democrats?) just get a Real ID that has a chip for charging things to it at the government expense. That could save them filling out a whole bunch of forms.

Based on my MPR listening, the Ds seem to be betting that they can hold this off demanding ID for their undocumented Democrat voters, and the Republicans will be blamed. Could be, it's a crazy state. Does Read ID and "ID for illegals" HAVE to be linked? It does in D minds, because they don't want to have to pass a bill providing IDs for illegals, so they are putting their money on forcing Republicans to sign off on the linkage out of fear that "they will be blamed".
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