Friday, March 31, 2017

Every Biased Picture Markets A Story

Kellyanne Conway & Conservatives Receive Different Treatment in Photos | National Review:

The pictures in the linked article are what is important, so just go and look.

We are wired to be visual creatures, there is a reason that a picture worth a "thousand words" ... many, I'd argue are worth FAR more than that.

The MSM used to be "essentially marketing" for the left, now it IS marketing for the left! To the same extent that "You Deserve a Break Today" or "Nationwide Is On Your Side" is "fake", so is the NY Times. They are MARKETING a viewpoint to you, and that is ALL they are attempting to do -- they aren't about to have their "ads" ("news stories") give some other viewpoint like; "Well, our food isn't all that healthy and Subway might be a good choice as well", or "Insurance is a tough decision, be sure to look at all the facts and shop around".

To a significant extent, I "market" as well ... so does everyone! We ALL have our "teams, tribes, parties, heroes, sacred cows, friends, enemies, etc". Prior to say "1950", it was standard to have a whole lot of Americans with one or more shared transcendent views that were "accepted on faith". Christianity was the big one, American Exceptionalism ... as in Constitutionally limited government by rule of law was the other. A good post trying to understand bias in the old US vs BOistan media is here.

Now, to the extent that anything is "sacred", it is "might is right" and may the best marketing win.

That is why I say we live in BOistan. BO made it completely clear that "rule by power" was acceptible and it was cheered by the left/MSM, and with the election of Trump, the left has shown us in fullness that the acceptance of the results of elections --- even both houses of congress, 75% of the state governments and the White House, is no longer one of their beliefs (see might is right).

Rather, it is cause for resistance at all costs, fighting with the courts not for accepting the will of the people and even ALLOWING (forget "bipartisanship", a word that has now died) the party with all the votes to move forward with any sort of comity. (remember when it was so "Un-American" when Republicans didn't "reach across the aisle" early in the BO administration?)

This is not so much about "politics" as it is cultural survival. This is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which at it's simplest said "Absolute earthly institutional power corrupts". If "The Party" (TP-D) can't be controlled, and some majority of people returned to a belief in Christ, organized under some political organization, then what developed after the Reformation and reached it's pinnacle in the US is truly dead.

But that is my bias ... I believe that Christ is the answer, and that man cannot be free except in Christ. We either serve God through Christ, or we serve Satan. In Christ is eternal freedom, in Satan is eternal slavery and death. Or as Reagan put it, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

Perhaps you have another answer. If so, I hope that you will give some deep thought as to what that political structure might be -- please note that pure democracy opens the door to Sharia law and many other tyrannies of the masses. Western civilization post Reformation was quite a run. It was certainly not perfect, but up to the abandonment of Christianity, it was doing pretty well.

Without vision, the people perish. BOistan is a foreign land to many of us -- where do we go from here?

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