Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Home Run, Low Bar

I only watched excerpts of Trump's speech, but it was obvious by all the silence on the lefty news shows and sites last night and early this AM that it was a HOME RUN! It was noon before they could describe why they hated it ... "it was only perceived good by the masses because the bar was so low".

There is some truth to their lament, but of course it is THEY who set the bar! They would talk about how horrible a speaker W was, and then he would come out and give a half decent speech and everyone was stunned! Why he was able to speak! He didn't slobber, he didn't have a tail, there were not snakes poking out of his eye sockets and ears! How AMAZING!

However, Trump's speech was much better than any W or even BO speech. With BO, I can only imagine that even the lefties got somewhat sick of his I this, I that, finger wags, pontification, superior to all -- sure, they enjoyed the stench of BO like admiration for a pungent emission on a high school football bus, but stench is really only SO entertaining and then it just gets old and stale. BO was WAY past stale.

NPR was pretty much avoiding the speech this AM, then went to their knowing superior cluck clucking about "low bar" this PM. "Sniff, sniff, nose in the air" ... anyone "taken in" is beneath the NPR dignity. Any oceans stop rising yet? Is Gitmo closed? Demographics still destiny? NPR really needs to change their tag line to "This is NPR ... Always certain, frequently wrong".

And, for a kicker, the market goes up 300 points the day after. It is clear that it sucks to be a lefty these days.

"What's interesting to me is how different he was from even that morning's 'Fox and Friends' interview, when he's accusing Obama of being behind the town hall protests," says Jon Maas, a Hollywood producer-writer who did a 2000 made-for-TV movie about Washington, "The Last Debate," based on a Jim Lehrer novel. "He was clearly playing 'calm' and 'measured,' which is preferable to coming off like a raging lunatic whipping up the crowd. But in trying to be 'presidential,' he ended up being monotone. Everything had the same emphasis, nothing built towards anything, which made the thing feel even longer than it was. "
"Jon Maas" ... really? Was it not obvious that Trump (like Reagan often did) was showing that he is a consumate role player. He can play ANY role he desires and make it WAY more believeable than your Monday AM quarterbacking because he is IN THE ARENA now! He can hit all his marks IN THE GAME! You are all just scribblers trying to make people listen to your whiny "analysis" from the stands after a couple expensive beers.

Sure Jon, to you he is either a "raging lunatic" or "monotone" -- but OTOH, who is president, who has the billions, who is married to Melania, and who is scibbling for US Today?

Bummer Jon.
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