Thursday, March 09, 2017

Intimidation As A Way Of Life

Trump Isn’t Intimidated, Either | Power Line:

The column is a nice little litany addressing MSNBC "girding it's loins" to continue it's all out attack on Trump. They are mad their girl lost and they are going to get nastier -- that might be hard to do, given than they have been pretty nasty already, but whatever.

I'm reading an excellent book by a guy named Dallas Willard called "The Divine Conspiracy" that gives a very refreshing Biblical view of the Heaven -- yes, with the Advent 2K years ago, the HEAVEN that we live in as Christians. Sure, it is the lowest Heaven, but for Christains properly aware, it is very much a taste of the eternity in Heaven to come. No doubt there will be one or more relatively long reviews of the book when I finish it shortly.

As I often observe, we live in a post-Christian west with Christianity growing in China, Africa and South America. In our post-Christian, post-law tribal state, intimidation (POWER) is everything, love is nothing. The only possible morality without God is might=right, so we have returned to pagan tribalism.

We live in the era of spying on everyone, leaking what you spy selectively (or just prosecuting if you have the judiciary on your side), and then opposing media forces seeking to "win the spin", and possibly to shift the "rules" (the current position defined by POWER) to their side of the balance. The "nice" thing that is being discovered by the left is that two or more can play at that game -- if the "right" has full control of the powers of government, then they can also make the rules their way. There is even right wing media now to go with the previous left wing -- the OTHER media is always "fake".

One answer to this morass is transcendent values which EVERYONE agrees on -- that used to be called Christianity. In the Islamic states it is called Islam. The other answer -- the answer that both sides in the US are now pushing toward is totalitarianism -- one side gets all the power, keeps it, and prosecutes those that disagree with them. BO had a decent start on that with the IRS, BOcare, spying on news people and political opposition, prosecuting Christians who opposed gay "marriage", etc

Will Trump be able to swing the pendulum the other way? Who knows. In an amoral world, the only "standard" is "hooray for our team". The Who covered this quite well once ...

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