Thursday, March 23, 2017

Learning Lawlessness

A good column that covers the litany of leftward optional "laws" from nullifying perfectly legal presidential orders in the courts, to Lois Lerner, to "sanctuary cities", to leaking phone conversations of an incoming administration, etc.

It closes with the conclusion that I've reached long ago -- when for "The Party", there is NO LAW! BOistan is very much like one of the countries named below. It remains to be seen if who the current "El Presidente" is makes any difference.
There is one common denominator in all these instances of attempted legal nullification: the liberal belief that laws should “progress” to reflect the supposedly superior political agenda of the Left. And if laws don’t progress? Then they can be safely ignored. But when the law is what we say it is, or what we want it to be, there is no law. And when there is no law, there is not much left but something resembling Russia, Somalia, or Venezuela.

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