Friday, March 03, 2017

Republicans Still Playing Bean Bag Session(s)

Partisan Discord Tainting Probes of Russia, Trump, Election | Political News | US News:

If BO had "recused himself" or resigned because of this ... or if anyone had seriously indicated that he should, then I would think Republicans need to be "consistent' relative to the Russians.

So which are they, a friend or an enemy?

We just purchased 2 more seats for a total of 5 on their rockets to the Space Station through next year, with options on more for 2019. Do you usually arrange rides for your family with your enemy?

So sessions talked to Russians as a SENATOR and that is an issue?

It was a HUGE mistake for him to recuse himself. We just had a SITTING AG, Loretta Lunch, talk to the husband of a target during an active investigation to show us that both her and the target(s) the Clinton Crime Family were and are above the law.

All this does is show that Republicans are STUPID and have put blood in the water. Do they REALLY think that the Ds or the media are going to look at this and say "wow, what high minded people! We stonewall every single investigation of a D since Watergate, and just got through having our sitting AG cut a deal with a target basically in public! Wow, it makes us feel seedy, we are going to change our ways!"

Maybe in some fairy tale, but that is the wrong story to look at here. The history lesson here is that the D party went "full corrupion" in the '30s ... sometime between Slick - end of BO, the R party followed suit. Now we have TRUMP. Some of us hope that he has a "good heart", but like Rambo, Clint Eastwood,  or a zillion action heros, the hope is that he is a law unto himself and will DRAIN THE SWAMP, or just blow it up -- it really doesn't matter anymore.

After Hildebeast does the "Reset" (overload), BO quips about "the '80s wants it's foreign policy back", Kerry and BO scede Syria to them, and BO indicates he will give them stuff "after the election", we are supposed to believe this crap?

Two biggest dissappointments of Trump administration so far -- Flynn resignation, Sessions recusal. This has got to STOP! I hope this is the point in the movie where the hero binds up his wounds and goes out to KICK SOME ASS!

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