Monday, March 13, 2017

Tolerance, Apathy, Aristotle

The following quote has shown up in a number of internet memes ... mostly conservative, so it has been roundly claimed to NOT be from Aristotle in lefty quarters.

According to this site, it is.

"Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society."

So assuming that the quote is NOT from Aristotle, does that make it false? My take on reading it would be that if somebody has a strong belief in their culture / country / society, they would feel that it is "good, exceptional, just, important, positive, etc", and therefore not be apathetic, and would thus not be likely to simply "tolerate" views that were not aligned with that society / culture that they believe in. They would seek to challenge those views and arrive at what they see as the truth. 

In other words, the statement seems tautalogically true to me. If one stated that "Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying man", again, it seems tatualogically true -- if someone is dying, they are likely to tolerate a lot, and be apathetic about a lot. 

Conversely, "Tolerance and apathy are the first virtues of a strong successful man" seems clearly false at least in ancient times. Are not strong and successful men confident in their values and energetic rather than apathetic?

As men go, so goes society. 

In the cases where I've seen lefties get all bent out of shape about this quote it is obvious that they are NEITHER "tolerant" nor "apathetic" ... they are down right bent out of shape that "tolerance" would have ANYTHING bad said about it, and are thus completely INtolerant of anyone questioning tolerance. And they are excited about it. 

Which makes sense -- they came very close, or possibly succeeded in killing America and creating a new society of BOistan ... tribal, immoral (in the old sense of morals), non-competitive, declining economically, oriented toward leveled distribution of wealth vs the creation of wealth, etc. 

AND, they are very EXCITED for the prospects of that society, so they are NOT "apathetic". 

This seems so clear to me that it defies discussion. In general, they seem to want to go to great lengths to claim that Aristotle DID NOT make the statement that I believe to be tautalogically true. Do lefties respect Aristotle? It seems very doubtful many know anything about him. The idea of the left is that nearly anyone on the street today is more intelligent / wise / smart / etc than Aristotle, since we have "progressed" and will continue to as long as we continue to "be progressive". 

Naturally, if you are progressive, you can't have a "society / culture" because those things require values that are fixed over time and "progressivism" (regressivism) says that the latest thing thought up is BOUND to be superior because of all our added "knowledge / wisdom / smarts / etc". In the left view, BOistan is but a stepping stone to a less stable, less "moral" (old sense), less success oriented, more levelled future which is in turn is but a stepping stone to the next stage in valueless "progressiveism". 


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