Thursday, March 16, 2017

TP Slavery Update

"The Party" (TP-D) is forever the party of slavery -- they have just changed the columns on their plantation. Totalitarian control over a few million blacks was once enough, but now they enslave tens of millions on their thought plantation where independent thought is struck down immediately, and if you truly point out what they are up to, their fury is unleashed. 

This is most obvious in their fake support for women, minorities and gays. There are their favorite "affirmative groups", but ONLY in so far as their individula members are fully enslaved in the doctrine of TP! 

Today's exhibit, Kelly Ann Conway because she kneeled on a couch to get her legs out of the way of a picture. 

Comparing Conway to Lewinsky was intentional. And like Tapper said, disgusting.
In this, it is very much like attacks on conservative African-American men, who are demeaned as Uncle Toms. 
There was not much in the way of official Democratic condemnation of Richmond. And little public outrage in the media. 
But what if you're a woman and you don't buy the liberal Democratic politics?
You shall be shamed. 
First comes the mockery that stings like a whip, like a scarlet letter, followed by a relative, partisan silence and a media silence. 
People understand this, particularly the young, who fear shaming.
And it teaches a much more profound lesson to young conservative women about political fealty than do liberal marches and women's strikes and public theater. 
What does it say? 
It says kneel and pledge fealty, or be shamed. 
That's what it says.
It isn't just women -- gays if anything feel the lash even harder. Peter Theil happens to be gay and a Trump supporter. Something that doesn't wash at all with the TP slave holders ... so he is now the target of regualr protests

The message is very clear. If you are part of a TP "protected group", you are "protected" ONLY so long as you remain on your knees to the dictatates of TP! You can be "protected" or free -- but NOT both! 

Sadly, it is even worse than that. The law of TP is that those that fail to bow need to be shunned!

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