Friday, March 24, 2017

Undocumented Democrat Rape

Threats and safety concerns follow Rockville High rape case - The Washington Post:

A couple of hispanic Undocumented Democrats decided to push a 14 year old girl into a boys bathroom during school hours and rape her.  They happen to be 17 and 18 years old, but as Undocumented Democrats, they were considered "freshmen".

The horror of "rape" in college has spent a lot of time in the headlines in recent times -- "1 in 5 college girls are raped" ... the number may well be closer to 1 in 200, but even that is WAY too high. In any case, the "patriarchal rape culture" of nasty white males is well known -- if you read feminist literature, pretty much all of Western civilization was designed to rape women. One of those assertions that are damned hard to prove, but I'm guessing that the mighty men of old had a long list of things that they wanted -- and women were just one thing on that list. Kicking the ass of that bastard king that lived just over the next ridge and making him beg for mercy that was not going to be available before he permanently (and painfully) checked out, was likely higher on the list -- men can be slightly cruel sometimes.

If you have never seen "Taken", it is a worthy movie -- one can only wish that these two wonderful young specimens from Rockville would meet up with a reasonable man and a reliable power network to contemplate the joys of their rape under "proper" conditions.  Do you know the difference between justice and punishment? It appears they have the whole "Taken" movie out on youtube -- 1:02:49 is where the discussion about where his daughter is comes up. Reliable electric power is a wonderful thing. 27:47 is where he listens to the kidnapper wish him "good luck" ... perhaps the kidnapper was lucky and the power went out in Paris?

Naturally, the WaPo is very concerned that this doesn't reflect badly on Undocumented Democrats ... whenever there is a mass shooting, it is always so touching to see their similar concern over it not reflecting badly on gun owners in general! Ah consistency.

Naturally, in this case, these poor boys are "misunderstood", and the anger of the community is very hard for the media to understand. The left is fairly certain that it was "consensual" -- considering how advanced our culture is, most 14 year old girls are just hoping for some exciting sex in the boys bathroom during school hours -- well, at least if the boys are desirable undocumented democrats! One of the linked articles about points out that 80% of Republican men would be virgins if it was not for rape.

We live in a wonderful world -- at least so far, the power tends to stay on.

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