Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Apple Phishing, DON'T CLICK!

The Phishers keep getting better and better . I tend to not be a very trusting person, however I am a person. It certainly LOOKS like it is from Apple, I'm on a Mac Air, I have an iTunes Account, why not click the link? 

I'm guessing that I have enough stuff set so that clicking the link would not instantly result in a disaster for me, but I'm not clicking it. If I had a lot of curiosity, or wanted to execute my personal imagined version of the movie "Taken", I'd click it in a Virtual Machine with all sorts of debug options set to see what it did ... then (in my fantasy), figure out where it came from and hunt the hacker down personally, telling him I don't like the order he swaps registers in his code. 

I don't mind his hacking, it just bothers me that such a coding amateur attempted to gain access to MY machine! ... so he needs to die painfully, but that is just a detail ... the machines are already in charge anyway, we are just living out the last gasps of biological life before they exterminate us. He thinks he was an anarchist, but he has no idea ... 

Anyway, REMEMBER!!! 


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