Sunday, April 02, 2017

Coal, Climate, Arguing the 100ths

The Climate Yawns - WSJ:

Last week, "The Party", the Greens, and the MSM (but I repeat myself), went ape over Trump rolling back BO's "climate legacy". THIS is his "climate legacy":

Gina McCarthy, Mr. Obama’s EPA administrator, admitted as much when confronted, during a 2015 House hearing, with the fact that, by the agency’s own climate models, the effect would be only 1/100th of a degree Celsius. Instead, she said success should be measured in terms of “positioning the U.S. for leadership in an international discussion.”

Mind you, those models are only considered accurate to a few TENTHS of a degree. It's like getting on a scale each AM that only registers in 100s of pounds and asserting "my weight is the same". Or, to carry the analogy farther, "I've lost weight". You could also of course say that you had gained weight! The scale isn't measuring any change less than 100lbs, so it is entirely up to you!

This is for course whey we have been having "warmest months and years, EVER" quite regularly ... "warmer" (than some new "baseline") by 100ths of a degree!

 "Pile up all the government policies enacted or seriously on the table, and their net effect is zilch. A new McKinsey study, that would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad, points out that Germany’s switch to renewables has been a success by almost every metric except CO 2 output—which is up instead of down.

Rising energy prices to support this energy transition have had one measurable effect—more than 330,000 German households have had their electricity shut off in the past year from nonpayment of bills almost three times as high as those paid by U.S. households."
There was a time when Democrats would be concerned about policies that raised prices of basic commodities like power so hundreds of thousands of people were resorting to candles, but that time is past.

As the article points out, the Democrats have been screaming in unison that the Trump changes "don't save any jobs!" ... market forces, fracked natural gas, global production and other factors are squeezing the coal miners anyway. So one might ask them why it was important to "declare war on coal" and promise to "shut all the mines down" if it was going to happen anyway?

I'm certain that the Hillary's vote calculators assured her that the symbolism of "the war on coal" was FAR more important to her inevitable win than a few 10's of thousands of hick coal miners, and maybe a few more million red deplorable red state "coal sympathizers" that were just too stupid to understand that coal could not be saved, even if Hillary didn't murder it to rake in a few more green campaign dollars and big city votes!

Why, those coal people and those that sympathize with them are just as stupid as the fools that thought we would ever see sub-$2 gas by fracking. Those red staters are just plain idiots, and they just NEVER seem to be able to get it!

And now, the vermin seem to have lost faith in our brilliant elites! How could this happen?

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