Thursday, April 13, 2017

If Only Democrats Cared

Blues for Brooke Baldwin | Power Line:

I'm more a text guy than a video guy, but it is worth following the link and watching this one, significantly because of the sadness of the liberal CNN reporter in double frame as her planned Trump takedown totally blows up in her face.

As the Syrian refugee says, if someone really cared about them, they would have done something about Assad rather than use them as political pawns.

Indeed -- if there were a few more blacks that would realize that if someone cared, they would care about the 5K or so young black men shooting each other in large Democrat controlled BOistan cities a lot more than the handfull or two killed in shootings by police -- shootings which nearly always turn out to be justified.

I'm being unfair though -- the Democrats in charge DO care, it is just that what they care about is POWER. Many of the rank and file Democrat supporters are pretty much the same as sports fans. They cheer for "their team" and listen only to media outlets that tell them that Democrats are good, caring, kind, wonderful etc, and Republicans are evil, nasty, uncaring, killers, "Hitler", etc.

Rarely, even on CNN, or at the New York Times, some story that could give a Democrat pause will slip through. It will usually be so buried that most of them will never even see it -- and the few that do can validly dismiss it as an "outlier that needs no explanation" ... back to our regularly scheduled positive coveraged of THE HOME TEAM! ... "The Party", TP-D.

If only ....

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